GTA 5 funniest digest: September 2015

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It took quite a bit of time and now, a new edition of our almost regular column "GTA 5 Funniest digest" is finally ready! We again sat down at the keyboard and mouse, to find all the most memorable moments from GTA 5. It was heavy and hard work, many of our staff had to rush to a sanatorium for treatment from a nervous breakdown, but this is not a great price for the opportunity to share with our audience the most incredible and funny situations, with pleasant regularity arise in GTA Online. So, let's proceed:

Oh where, tell me, you still can find such arrogance? Because space for the disabled. However, the surprise disappears when out of the car driver. It's Trevor Phillips. Indeed, the disabled, and on his head. See how he doesn't care about yours, ours or anyone else's opinion?

Use a combat fighter plane on purpose? No, not heard. And yet, the beauty of it. Let's hope that both the aircraft and the pilot's life is insured.

It's not on skateboards suck your on the railing to jump. There really need skill. Skill and lack of self-preservation as such.

Every citizen of Los Santos can sleep peacefully while defending the rest of their faces are the good guys. Their zeal does not even allow them to leave the store to be protected from robbers. Or is it just the door broke? In any case, well done. Let's give them a round of applause.

Karin Kuruma is one of the best sports cars in the game. Especially its armored version. In it you will not be afraid of any bullet. Unless, of course, can drive to the scene of the battle nothing is lost on the way.

All did and who didn't, he always wanted. In the end it is for moments like we play online games. Importantly, naive victim did not notice the flashing bomb. But the protagonist of this sketches successfully overcome this obstacle.

This guy, none other than the Hitman, or at least, his younger twin brother. Ignore the bright red hair - most likely it's a wig. How else to explain this miracle aerobatics and randomly shot the pilot of the helicopter in flight and on the spot?

Apparently this new guy is the driver of the jeep is still not quite settled into the army. But it's nothing, oldfags from a tank company quickly explain to him how this all works in the army.

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2015-09-04 11:59:45

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