GTA 5 Fan-Video Digest - September

GTA 5 Fan-video digest
Fans of the GTA 5 continue to amaze us with their magnificent creations that push the limits of Rockstar Editor and Director's mode of GTA 5. And, by the confessions of developers, they themselves already can't wait for the release of Rockstar Editor on PS4 and XBOX One. The most recent compilation video includes a grim story of revenge, a bit of a compromising video from surveillance cameras Los Santos and a short film, dedicated to the deceased beloved family member.

A Man's Journey Through History - GTA Series Videos
This video is dedicated to the grandfather of the author and inspired by the initial scene of the film Keepers. Fascinating and poignant story of the life of one man passing on the background of many turning points in the history of the 20th century.

I'VE SEEN FOOTAGE - Abstract Mode
Voyeuristic view through the lenses of security cameras scattered around Los Santos and blaine County, this video is a few strange and dangerous antics of the residents of the southern San Andreas.

The Debt - The Game Mechanics
Thriller about revenge, The Debt tells the story of a man seeking retribution for the brutal murder of his beloved. This is the debut video channel The Game Mechanics, the creation of which used Rockstar Editor, showing the dark world, where "all the debts are paid completely".

Feather III - Venus & NightMare
Demonstrating incredible skills aerobatics and stunts, not even just higher and higher. Duo two authors proves that your planes don't necessarily need both wings to flutter like a feather.

Yuppie and the Alien - Vessapaperi
Created in the classic style of old detective series, this video advertises the unique police drama about a Yuppie detective and his companion Away.

Magnum, P. I. starring Trevor Philips - btz
A new look at the Intro of the famous series of the 80's "Magnum p. I.", which Trevor Phillips, mustachioed private investigator, and his shabby Canis Bodhi as the original Ferrari 308 GTS. To fully evaluate the degree of conformity with the original video, check here.

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