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GTA Online Custom Playlists
Just like a classical composer, creates his masterpiece from several musical parts, the creators of custom missions in GTA Online Creator must join several short assignments in the series to fully thing the idea that they want to Express with the help available in GTA Online tools. With this, however, many may disagree, as well as the creation of musical masterpieces, creating custom jobs is not a small fraction of art.

The guys from Rockstar Games long and carefully sifted through the creation of users in Social Club to select those works that look holistically only in the form of a series of multiple tasks. Below you can find the best three of them (one mission available for XBOX 360 and XBOX One, one for PC and one for consoles PlayStation family). As the regular user tasks, you can add them yourself in Social Club to try in the future.

Z-Games Rallycross Tournament from the author Kelchan (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)

"A 4-track list of technical tracks in and around the Maze Bank Arena, chock full of fast and slow sections, sharp corners, kicker jumps, a big jump, corkscrews, cross-sections, narrow passages, and speedy straightaways."

If you have been looking for opportunities to practice difficult driving, the Z-Games Rallycross, generated by a member of a gang of Children of the Nite, Kelchan, just what you need. Don't expect this crazy race will be easy, quite the contrary, you have to show all that you are capable to complete the last task of the mission Z-Games Rallycross Finals.

To be Rich and Bored in LS from the author Coach_Wargo (PS3 & PS4)

"Spoiled rich kids in the Lake Vinewood neighborhood get together to kill some time."

Perfectly conceived and perfectly executed series of user tasks, in which the Golden youth Winwood hills will attempt to dispel his endless boredom. The author of this series of user tasks is a member of the gang Red Rum Racing, Coach_Wargo and he deserves real applause for the work done. At this link you can find To be Rich and Bored.

PC Master Race from the author ZerkaaHD (PC)

This work belongs to the famous youtube user ZerkaaHD, created jointly with a member of the ELITE gang GTA STUNT CREW, xzulas, and a member of the gang THE NFWA. From the masterful AIR RACE TUNNEL, to put upside down tracks job CALIFORNIA CAR SURFING, this series of tasks will be something interesting for everyone, even the most sophisticated player. To find the job of PC Master Race, you can visit this link.

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2015-08-21 07:34:45

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