GTA 5 Fan Art

GTA 5 Fan Arts
The latest collection of GTA 5 fan arts, includes a recreated view of the coast near the Ocean View hotel from Vice City, a sort of hippie-Trevor (not to be confused with a hipster!) and a few other stylish papers on the subject of GTA. This collection contain only the best, selected by a community, art works, but if you want to see more, be sure to check Twitter and Instagramm Rockstar Games. So, let's start:

Ocean View by AxiomDesign

Ocean View
AxiomDesign, obviously a big fan of the GTA Vice City style, created this beautiful work overlooking the Ocean View. The art, by the way has a high resolution and is perfect as a desktop background for a real fan of the GTA game series.

WHAT HAPPENS IN the DARK by Not Lit House

"WHAT HAPPENS IN THE DARK is a not-for-profit art zine looking for submissions based on any or all Grand Theft Auto games" say the creators of the future series, hardcore fans of GTA, loseranthems and beastheads. The first artwork will appear on their page on Tumblr in August 26th, so don't miss out.

Trevor by Chank

The author of this stylish 8-bit masterpiece, Chank, depicting Trevor Phillips in his own manner.

Flower Beard Trevor by Neomineom

Flower Beard Trevor
The artist from DeviantART, Neomineom brilliantly portrayed by Trevor Phillips in hipsters... sorry, in the hippy way, with a pretty bouquet of flowers in his beard.

Caiera by UzumakiGolden

Another artist from DeviantART, UzumakiGolden presented to the public the portrait of his character from GTA Online, radiant with aggressive manicure and a small gun, which is the best suitable for her image.

GTA Online Character by DevlinFr3w

GTA Online Character
DevlinFr3w presents us with his cheeky character from GTA Online, workshop hand painted by artist LabApe, on request DevlinFr3w on Reddit.

The GTA! We succeeded! by lascalis

GTA! We succeeded!
In memory of their team in GTA Online that performed the most complicated Criminal Mastermind Challenge, lascalis drew his character, brandishing a grenade launcher and a grenade, close to Stirling GT and a bunch of money.

G. T. A by Jan Suchánek

Jan Suchánek depicted the gang with the Kent from Grow Street in the style of chibi. Art depicts all the famous members of the gang: Sweet, Big Smoke, CJ, and Ryder.

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2015-08-19 12:46:24

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