GTA Online Creator Player-Made Challenges

A Runner gets their payback in Railroad Deathrun.
There have already been created different modes with GTA Online Creator, like custom Races, Deathmatches, Captures and Last Team Standings, while dozens of talented creators was working on a funny challenges. Similar to the popular "snipers vs stunters", these jobs were created with the use of the aforementioned game modes, but with some instructions and "home-like" twist, with descriptions, posted with each job.

Below highlighted are some more unconventional creations that we think are worth checking out - complete with the basic rules of the creators and links to their profiles in Social Club.

Railroad Deathrun by Ozoonn (PC)
"Snipers will try and stop the Runners while they run on the obstacle track, there are various traps for the Sniper team to activate, Runners will try and reach the bus to then torch the Sniper team. Set game to Forced + Pickups."

The Commissioner of the Boondock Amish Crew have created his own "DeathRun" in the style of LTS, where the Runners needs to not only survive the fire of Snipers, but also to avoid traps on their way. If you're the Runner, then continuously move and carefully plan your jumps because you have to not fall. For Snipers the key to victory - to count on the timing for the shot.

Pearls Triathlon by thejoker_420 (PS3 & PS4)
"01: Triathlon across Del Perro Beach - 02: Start on a bike, reach the first stop at Pearls restaurant near the pier - 03: Jump from the pier, swim between the buoys, reach the second stop on the sea shore - 04: Run until you reach the third and final stop."

By using the GTA Race option, thejoker_420 uploaded unique race style of triathlon from a singleplayer mode of GTA 5. Traditionally, you will need to ride a bicycle, swim, and run to the finish line, so make sure that your skills are close to maximum before trying to participate in a triathlon.

Skeet Shoot Minigame by WilkoKing (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)
"One player drives up the ramp while the other player(s) shoot RPGs at the car in mid air. Swap out drivers every 3 attempts."

The Leader of the Opressive Monarchy Crew has created races mostly on PC, but to the delight of the GTA Online community, WilkoKing also took up the challenge to create an unusual skeet shooting challenge. Instead of clay targets, the player must choose one of 22 Cheetah, and drive up ramps, while the other players shoot at a car in the air. Players can choose the point of view, but your lucky ticket is to go to the roof LSIA Parking Garage (if you don't spawn there initially), which will give not only a great overview, but also tons of ammo for the RPG.

Flex your Muscle (car) in this floating platform derby.
Sky Derby Muscle Cars by MaxTorque87 (PC)
“Team Demo Derby on a Platform in the sky. Grab your team color car and knock off the other team's cars. If you fall off you are out of bounds and disqualifed. The Team that knocks all the other teams cars off in 5 minutes wins.”

This Derby muscle cars taking place high above the Terminal, was developed by a Commissioner of TEAM TIVAN Crew. The maximum number of players is 30. Players will divide into 2 teams: teal or hot pink, and take one of the muscle cars: Blade, Phoenix, Gauntlet, Dominator, or Slamvan.

Scavenger Hunt by m1ndDr1fter (PS3 & PS4)
"Brief cases are hidden somewhere all over San Andreas. Find them before the other team."

Commissioner of the GTAAdventuresPS4 Crew, m1ndDr1fter, used Capture Editor, to create a global Scavenger Hunt on the entire map of GTA 5. Team and use air and land routes to find the hidden "security bags" and bring them to their base. Remember that you can carry up to three cases at a time.

Bloody Darts by DpLoMaTiKiMuNeT (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)
"Play darts, but instead leap from a building and use your body as the dart. Scoring is as follows; Within tire line-5 points, inside concrete circle-10, dark blue circle-20, pink circle-30, center circle-50, dead center-100. If you knock over cone/tire stack, double score. First to 500 points wins. Sniper rifle provided for watching other players."

The leader of the Mirror Park Drifters Crew has created a whopping 639 jobs on Xbox, and Bloody Darts is definitely one you won’t want to skip. Starting high atop the Maze Bank Tower, take turns flinging yourself from the roof to the ground below and land your flailing body on the impromptu dart board surrounding the plaza fountain. Be sure to jump from the specific points DpLoMaTiKiMuNeT has noted on the map with large "Go Right / Go Left" signs next to the tire stacks for your best shot at landing a bulls-eye.

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