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Car Meet in GTA Online

The leader of the crew of 6 Star Street Racers, as well as a prolific YouTube user GTA-Wise-Guy, seems like seriously raised the level of his game since his first notable appearance among video makers community of GTA 5, just over a year ago. Now that his gang are about nine hundred people, he suffered a core activity of the gang from consoles to PC and uses Rockstar Editor not only for creating airtight promo video but also in order to cover their first Car Meet. The crew describes itself as a tight knot of like-minded people, which can not only hang out in the back seats of their cars, during parties, but also to show what they can do during a frantic race through heavily loaded traffic streets of Los Santos. The crew also advises the participants of the meeting to select one of five specializations:

  • Speedster - fan speed and dangerous turns, a true master of driving.
  • Drifter - only he who rides the style goes really!
  • Tuner - the perfect machine - the guarantee of victory, and Mechanics understand it better than others.
  • Antagonizer - will unleash a wave of fury on any opponent and destroy it in a few seconds.
  • Outlaw - wanted in all parts of the country and still not caught.
Crew CoreGaming PS4 based, what a surprise, on the PS4 is not such a big team of like-minded gamers, which, despite its small size, remarkable for the very well-known names in the GTA Online community for their past creative efforts. Firstly there is Lorzatrol known for her excellent photo of Lampadati Casco, and her fellow gang member, zummere20, created beautiful art, using bullets as brushes, and cars as a canvas. Finally, they have a great video Creator xiRoNiCzZ, probably known to many, is actively involved in the community. I can safely say that the CoreGaming crew is a great place for those who want to really upgrade your car in GTA Online. Be sure to check out their Instagram, there you will find many great photos of their Snapmatic. But if you want to participate in the upcoming drift events CoreGaming, must see this is a video.

rGTAV Cruisers event
Last but definitely not least - the gang rGTAV Cruises, based on won the players a great album stylish photo with their previous Car Meet. The album was assembled by the player Soloz. The gang members, such as, for example, trackmania101, highly skilled in creating such promo video, here, however, we decided to post a few pictures that show how many people visited their previous racing event.

rGTAV Cruisers eventsrGTAV Cruisers events
rGTAV Cruisers eventsrGTAV Cruisers events


Headshots TOP-5
Despite the release of Bulletproof Helmets, in Last Team Standing Update, which should have given the members of rival crews at least some protection from instant death from hadshot, schedule, which you can see above, shows that this measure hardly prevented the crews to achieve their goals in the difficult task of shooting the enemy's heads, even in that Bulletproof Helmets. In the table showing the highest number of shots in the head, we see that the absolute leader is the SuperioresVsupremacy crew, followed by the Divos Killaz crew, which in turn lined ASURA ZERO, atsushichan and Evolution_SA. The second part of the table shows the accuracy for headshots, clearly shows that the gang GIORNO and The_Last_World tied for first and second place, with very close results, although, we should say that these crews have a much less headshots than that of the gangs that occupy the last three places in the top five: The_Key_to_Victory, Go_for_broke_forever and Last MESSIAH.

Calendar of events

Events calendar
Many gangs in Social Club hold regular events, in which can participate anyone. The calendar, which you can see below, displays only a few of the upcoming events of August of an even dozen, which you can find in Social Club. If you or your band are planning to spend something like this, will definitely astrobite about it throughout the community to make itself felt and to please the bored players.

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