GTA 5 on computers from the 90's

GTA 5 on an ancient computers
GTA 5 - perhaps the most exacting product of the gaming industry. Despite a good optimization conducted by Rockstar Games PC version of the game (probably because of it we had to wait for so long), this game remains very sensitive to the system on which it operates. Have you ever tried to run GTA 5, for example, on a computer with integrated video card? No? And we tried. Five frames per second and almost twenty-minute game loading and it is by having a fairly powerful monoblock processor and 8 gigabytes of RAM. GTA 5 requiring all the achievements of modern computer hardware, just to ensure a comfortable game, at least at low settings. You all know it, however, let imagine for a moment what would happen if we tried to run our favorite game on the computers of twenty years ago?

And so, by simple calculations, we found that only to install GTA 5 on a typical computer of the mid 90-ies, you would need a whopping 142 days! And also we would need a capacity of two thousand of these computers to play the game! Even now, the cost of such quantity of Antiques will amount to quite a tidy sum, twenty years ago, in order to play, you'd have to sell your apartment. At a time when there was no high speed Internet connections, online shopping, torrent trackers and modern hard or solid state drives, the main method of transmission and storage of digital information at a distance were floppy disks, each of which, on average, was placed on yourself from one to several megabytes of information. Thus, in order to fit on them GTA 5 which is about 61 GB, it would take about 45 thousand floppies! Just imagine if you add up the number of disks from one to another, it would be a tower, with a height of 149 metres, just two times below the Eiffel tower. And weight, of all this, would have been approximately 811 kilograms. So, in order to get your GTA 5, you would have to call a truck.

However, you certainly could try to download the game using your modem, which, according to the updated standards of the 1994 year, work with great speed to 28800 bits/sec, i.e., about 3.4 kbps. Have imagined how much you have to spent time (and money), in order to download 60 gigabytes of GTA 5? If not provided, then for you we have already counted - it's about 224 days.

And, of course, most importantly: what would the frame rate, on our huge Collider from two thousand Pentium-s, lined, insulating, forty five thousand floppies? Unfortunately, and then we will be disappointed: power of all this technology is barely enough to make one second of game time would take about ten minutes of objective time, which, frankly, is very far removed not only from desirable, but even tolerable.

Now it seems ridiculous, but think about what it will take twenty years and someone will write almost the same article about the launch of GTA 10 on modern computers of our times. Fortunately progress is not standing still and we didn't want him to fall behind.

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2015-08-12 10:38:54

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