Video digest of GTA 5

GTA 5 video digest
Adding to the great collection of videos created in Rockstar Editor, and not only in it, we are happy to present the brilliant creation by ErasableNinja - GTA 5 - BMX Street Ninja: Episode #3 (BMX Street Stunts) and much more. This is fascinating for its beauty and complex camera work, the video clearly shows us what we are capable of BMX in the hands of a skilled player in GTA 5 - an exceptional series of tricks on a BMX great mixed Boris the Blade, will not leave indifferent any fan of video games and game videos, as well.

GTA 5 - BMX Street Ninja: Episode #3 (BMX Street Stunts) by ErasableNinja

Moonless stormy night, shadow, riding a BMX, appears from the chill mist of the dark alleys of Los Santos to demonstrate their razor-sharp skills. Anyone who watched the ErasableNinja's work and seen the previous episodes of the adventures BMX Ninja, can appreciate how much ErasableNinja, with the help of Rockstar Editor and his own perseverance, raised the level of their skill in creating great game videos.

A Thrust for Glory - GTA V MUSIC VIDEO by Beastby

A Thrust for Glory - GTA V MUSIC VIDEO, from the author Beastby, this bizarre clip, just yet bursting with style of the 80's, and inspires like saying to us: "When, it seems, there is no chance, and problems piling from all sides, the only way to win it is to Wake up and give yourself to the music." And later, it adds: "I'm really proud of. Don't ask me why." No matter how strange this video may seem, it's silly to deny that we all liked it.

GTA V - Rewind from Boris the Blade

The work of Boris the Blade, called GTA V - Rewind, it will show a normal day in the life of an assassin, with beautifully orchestrated by the time reversion - we will see as time runs backwards, gradually showing us the story of a carefully planned murder that went completely awry.

Also, you definitely should look at another job Boris the Blade, GTA V - Infected.

GTA 5 Short Film "Midnight Driver" by Mike

Both the game action-video and music video in the Noar style, this work, entitled GTA 5 Short Film "Midnight Driver" by Mike, tells the story of the eternal battle between good and evil that begins every time the sun set over Los Santos. The author of the video describes the main character as one of many Angels of Death. When night is falling his only purpose is to keep the balance between life and death.

Grand Theft Auto V - Happy from Olanov

In the Grand Theft Auto V - Happy, the author, a YouTube user Olanov, shows, usually harsh, representatives of the authorities of Los Santos in a completely unexpected light. They dance and come off, right in the middle of the working day. From the bowels of the police stations, to the square, between the IAA and FIB, no one can resist a dancing fever. No one, except Michael.

We're also advise you to familiarize yourself with this wonderful video:(GTA V) Carl Sagan - The Humans from Duggy Wuggy.

GTA 5 Cinema: King of the Hill Intro from IGN and 8-BIT BASTARD

Last video for today, this GTA 5 Cinema: King of the Hill Intro from IGN and 8-BIT BASTARD. In this video, the authors have recreated the initial splash screen of a cartoon series King of the Hill, and with such precision that after the appearance of the familiar splash screen already waiting to start the next series of adventures of the Hill's. Great job, however it was difficult to expect another from IGN, right?

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