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In this short article, we will tell you about the latest updates in the list of GTA Online custom jobs, which were inspired by classic games of Rockstar Games: Smugglers Run is full of explosive action arcade smuggler simulator, Manhunt - perhaps the most controversial stealth action game in the entire history of gamedev, and Midnight Club - well-executed racing game, in the best traditions of the genre.

No doubt all of these games are worthy to be reproduced on a modern engine of GTA 5, so don't forget to add them to bookmarks in a Social Club, in order not to forget about them the next time would be to play GTA Online.

Midnight Club

Midnight Club

Midnight Club: LA by the author blinkydude (PC)

It's a race-sprint created by a member of the Blink 182 Crew blinkydude, runs all the way along the Boulevard Vinewood. To get a feel for the style of the game Midnight Club: Los Angeles on the basis of which this race has been created, drive at night and always on the supercars. Despite the fact that here you need to go all in a straight line, the finish line is hidden, that can easily cost you the victory. It is in the garage the last mansion on the left.

The Midnight Club by the author DJxDONUTS (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)

This race created by CIA OFFICIAL crew member, DJxDONUTS. This rainy night arrivals will lead us from Pillbox Hill to the Del Perro Beach. The course with many sharp turns and very complex, so it is difficult to believe that this is just the second creation by DJxDONUTS. Be careful not to get too carried away with the mad chase through the streets of Los Santos: just before the finish line you will find a large trampoline, jump over that easily can end for you in the ocean. The only advice here: roll car to the right during the flight.

The Midnight Club LS III by the author AleNann95 (PS3 & PS4)

The Creator of this circular race reports that "Speed and Skill are the requirement to arrive 1st". Cluttered with obstacles and jumps, in the most inconvenient for riders places, as well as having a huge number of sharp turns, this race will require all your skill, if you want to win of course.



Twisted Warehouse by the author Oblivion2500 (PC)

"Old Train Station by Water River inspired by Manhunt." This LTS Job created by a member of DERP Enterprise crew, Oblivion2500, located in the Center of Los Santos, around an abandoned warehouse between the Vespucci Boulevard and San Andreas Avenue. The key to victory here is to find a firearm, and it won't be easy. The only heavy sniper rifle hidden inside a warehouse, which has a very convenient little window just to shoot the rushing opponents. Another gun lies in the east side of the map. There you can find the Sawed-Off Shotgun. The key to victory on this map, no doubt, will be knowledge of the location of a weapons.

Manhunt LS by the author goon_taylor (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)

"Stab, chop and shoot your way freedom" in this Deathmatch created by the leader of The Fiendish Fellows crew. This mission is located at the construction site, at the corner of Alta Street and Vespucci Boulevard. On the map, for the most part, comes across a melee weapon, but closer to the center you can find two Sawed-Off Shotguns. Just don't linger too long in shelters - respawn-points in this Job are scattered throughout the map, so is only gape and get a few grams of lead right in to your head.

Manhunt by the author M0NZT3R_COX (PS3 & PS4)

The leader of the M0NZT3R crew, M0NZT3R_COX created this Deathmatch as a "tribute to the infamous James Earl Cash" (the main character of Manhunt). This map is very atmospheric and horror-like, it is located in a dark narrow rooms and tunnels, which evokes thoughts of claustrophobia, with long tight corridors, lit with ominous red lights. There are a huge number of melee weapons that can help you to protect yourself or help your enemies to kill you. The mission was created as a large maze, the fight which will keep you on your toes every second.

Smuggler's Run


Smuggler's Run by the author NO_FUN_ALLOWED (PC)

In this task, everything feels the style of the good old hit of Rockstar Games - try on the role of a successful smuggler. Member of the Single Dads crew, NO_FUN_ALLOWED created this mission to include everything that is so loved by old fans in Smuggler's Run, adding, moreover, Coupes, Dune-Buggy, heavy Off-roads and motorcycles. The race will take you from the Palomino Highlands to the coast of the Pacific Ocean, on the broken terrain and steep hills, and your opponents will make 10 other players. On the way you will come across a variety of weapons and bonuses, but to collect them you will have a good try.

Smuggler's Run by the author grey1225 (PS3 & PS4)

Shipping of illegal contraband in this circular race created grey1225, a member of the Manhunt Executioners crew, requires from players almost full concentration. In this race presents a fairly large selection of cars, including motorcycles, muscle cars, Off-roads, sedans, sports cars and SUV's. The Racecourse is on steep hills and full of sharp turns. This race is perfect for those who want to test cars GTA 5 on their ability of mad driving on the dirty roads.

Smuggler's Run by The_Greenhorn (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)

This mission, in the "Capture" created by the leader of the Greenhorn Crew crew, recalls the mission Turf War from the game Smuggler's Run. Your opponent will become a rival gang, with which you will fight for the possession of a bag of loot. The goal is to deliver the cargo to your base, that will not be so easy, as you will attack also by the police, both from the air and from the ground. Map is located on a rocky desert areas, but don't worry - the mission will provide you with a powerful SUVs. However, the danger will be waiting for you on all sides.

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