News of creative life of the GTA 5 community

News of the GTA creative community: Tattoo with 8-Ball from GTA 3, Trevor cosplay and much more.

In this edition of the GTA creative community news, rate great tattoo, reminiscent of the classic parts of the GTA, some great cosplays most memorable character GTA 5 - Trevor Phillips, and some themed body art. Don't forget to look sometimes on Twitter and Instagram Rockstar Games, where the developers regularly post a lot of similar content. And, of course, if you decide to create something similar, and I think the gaming community needs to see it, you can do it in Social Club.

8-Ball tatoo by paynexkiller
A YouTube user by paynexkiller showed how much he values playing the classics by sharing with the world on Twitter his new tattoo depicting the 8-Ball (character GTA 3), on the tibia. This tattoo is only the first in a series that will show all the main characters GTA 3 Claude, Speed and Misty. You can look at Twitter paynexkiller to see the whole thing when it's ready.

Trevor Phillips cosplay by TheIdeaFix
Not sure that Trevor Phillips, this is the type of person who should take cue, however, he is very fond of a huge variety of players. Today we bring you two cosplay work, the kind of which even Trevor Phillips would be very flattered. The first is TheIdeaFix, did a great job, meticulously recreating the image of Trevor, one of his friends.

Trevor Phillips cosplay by katrinafox
The second work, from a very famous cosplayer katrinafox, was inspired by the famous art from the artist Grobi-Grafik, which katrinafox promised "sucoplate as soon as possible". And after only six weeks she appeared at Anime Expo in Los Angeles, flashing bruises and tattoos in the style of Trevor Phillips. By the way, there, she mentioned that next time would like to appear in this way in full force unchanged Trinity of GTA 5, so wait for further news about this, and it is better to subscribe to Twitter katrinafox, make sure not to miss anything.

selfie GTA Online
"That feeling when you dress up as your character in GTA 5". Homegrown artist, overload and fan of GTA 5 thatoggchick, made a break in his small mania by Trevor Phillips, to do this double selfie with his counterpart from GTA Online.

monkey mask by MaoMaoz
You should definitely look at this video, where a fairly well-known cosplayers, and quite a pretty girl, turns himself into a living copy of monkey mask from GTA Online. In the picture you can see only the end result, from what impression will not full.

GTA Online character by Grobi-Grafik
Another great artist's work Grobi-Grafik, this time depicting on paper (or rather, most likely, on the tablet screen), a female character in GTA Online, created an almost exact copy of the girl with the July issue of the calendar Ammu-Nation, dressed in a beer cap and armed AK.

Wade by vampiriism
Wade fell asleep, clinging to dear little bear Trevor. Another work known devianART user, and fan of Wade, moreover, vampiriism.

You're Still Banned by Crowlls
Trevor looks a little rough around the edges, after another fight in a bar Yellow Jack Inn, these stylish sketches from the artist Crowlls.

GTA Avatar by Animatche
Brazilian sculptor Animatche created this character copy GTA Online as a gift for his brother - the owner of this character.

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