GTA 5 funniest digest: July 2015

Funny moments GTA 5
Everyone who ever played in GTA Online probably faced with funny situations, saw some amazing stunts, relying on the strength of the physics engine of the game or just a freak accident, leading to unpredictable results. On this page, we have gathered for you the whole list, which presents funny moments GTA 5, tightly packed in GIF format and just waiting for you to be clicked and viewed:

1. Look at this Insurgent as a grenade from an RPG fly in millimeters from him. This is either a fantastic success, either as a subtle calculation so that we can only applaud the driver.

2. None other than the huge discounts in Los Santos Custmos. Black Friday, or something like that. The excitement is understandable - a lot of players, and only a few workshops. It is a pity that now all have to spend some money for repair.

3. This is what may happens if you leave the bike on the middle of the road. Even in GTA Online it's not safe. However, it does not have anything at all completely safe. But still, follow the rules of the road. And that player just got lucky.

4. Parkour lessons in GTA Online. However, there is not much parkour, but epic fail, in spite of all obstacles, straight to the ground, and that last finishing kick in the face. I wonder what the player so interfered with that guy?

5. What could be better than to kill the enemy? Of course, it's burn him alive! And better, let him burn himself. Here, for example, how it works.

6. All you can do air stunts in GTA 5. On the planes. And trucks? Just a few.

7. The driver of this Kuruma was a good plan and not a bad performance. But the game don't give a shit about it.

8. What do you know about extreme sports? Look at this, it's not even aerobatics, is the God of BMX.

9. You have no health, no ammo, and the enemies already surrounding you? Well, this isn't a problem for real gamer.

10. And finally, another truck flying with the grace of a ballerina.

In the future we will continue to keep this column, so you would always be able to watch the GTA 5 tricks, the highest quality and the most up to date prescription.

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2015-07-30 09:42:22

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