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With patch GTA Online "Dirty money: Part two" (ILL-GOTTEN GAINS Update Part 2), the creators of custom misiy for GTA Online has finally been given the opportunity to create their creations to a well-protected area of the International Airport of Los Santos and the military base Fort Zancudo. Rate a couple of excellent works, ready at the moment. Everything is here, from mad maps for the Deathmatch mode to racing trucks, not otherwise made in the style of contemporary post-modernism. Read the descriptions of each mission, and, of course, don't forget to add them to bookmarks in Social Club to the next when you want to try something unusual in GTA Online. But if you are the map maker who wants to share their masterpiece with all the gaming community, be sure to make it on the Rockstar Games website or Social Club. The community is looking forward to your works. By the way, on Friday, Rockstar Games is going to host the live stream with the creators of the game missions, on my channel

1. Zancudo Team Death Match from the author Drogom (platforms: PS3 & PS4)

Dorogom, the band member X Assassinos Frios X created this map for Team Deathmatch, located in the Northern part of Fort Zancudo. The battlefield here is fenced and is intended for harsh battles and this slaughterhouse in melee. Thanks scattered across the map, your guns, assault rifles, combat shotguns, and heavy sniper rifles, coupled with a couple of grenade launchers and tactical RPGs, you will not lack for firepower. On this map huge number of shelters and machines that can (and should) blow up. The hill provides you with excellent sniper position, while the rest of your team can storm the enemy positions under your cover. In the center of the map are two bonuses on Armor and Health, but right next to them is a large gas tank which only one hit from an RPG to explode, incinerating all who are near. So, try to blow this thing up before going for the bonuses.

2. Zancudo Zancrudo from the author srethrennate (platforms: Xbox 360 & Xbox One)

"Drive on the Fort Zancudo! But don't crash in the local, they love to shoot people" - sage advice from srethrennate, the leader of the gang Iceboxers. Local in this mission is really angry, so angry that this race is more like a dashing ride on the battlefield. While you will drive at full speed on the highway, you will shoot from all sides, and the soldiers, and your competitors. To keep your car and your pride, make sure that your iron horse installed bulletproof tires and armor. Otherwise, in this hell, you will not survive.

3. Tranchées véhiculées from the author ProfGenki95 (platform: PC)

ProfGenki95 already quite well-known in the gaming community for creating tens of Jolly missions GTA Online for PC and this race clearly shows that ProfGenki95 haven't lost any of his skills and sense of taste. Most part of the route in this race runs along the narrow, enclosed space of the outer perimeter of the Fort Zancudo, on this road, good overclock, players can easily drive right over the walls of the track, which, incidentally, is very useful to avoid accidentally appearing gas cylinders and explosive barrels. Here, also, a lot of boosters and rockets scattered throughout the track, however, watch where you're shooting: the skeleton of the machine can easily cover the whole route that may result in you not too pleasant consequences.

4. Bifta Kart Track 2 from the author blockgod94 (platforms: PS3 & PS4)

The Creator of this high speed race card - the leader of the gang Xylophone Vulture blockgod94. The card is located immediately behind the guard post at the entrance to the territory of the International Airport of Los Santos. By default, this mission is just one circle, but believe me, that'll do. We have to manage the kart Bifta, and the route is intricate network of fenced tire barriers. Besides, the author give directly to the asphalt runway shady trees, making the entire route began to look like a small cozy Park, unless you count Reva karts whizzing past.

5. LSIA GP from the author Echo0712 (platforms: Xbox 360 & Xbox One)

Echo0712 gang BLAZIN PROSPECTS knows something about creating races, he has already done as much as 25 pieces, all of them, you can freely play GTA Online. LSIA GP is not only a well executed technically, but also very creative, with their carts of fruit, amplifiers instead of health. You can choose the number of laps in the race, from minimum 5 to maximum amount of to feel something real road race.

6.  AirPort_Crash from the author UltraMzag_PL (platform: PC)

Officers of the gang POSLKA EKIPA UltraMzag_PL, created this small card on the outskirts of the territory of the International Airport of Los Santos. There are a lot of skeletons of cars and walls, representing a great cover, but sit in the woods you are unlikely: to get any weapon more powerful than the standard service pistol you have to get out of the shelter into the open, where you probably will have to wait. You can search for an assault rifle along the fence line cards, but if you dare to get quickly to the Eastern part of the map, you can find the minigun, which can increase your chances of winning several times. This is the second mission established UltraMzag_PL and we look forward to see what else he has stashed for GTA Online community.

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2015-07-29 11:24:11

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