Double award for «Humane Labs Raid»

This week, 20th to 26th July, robbery in GTA Online continues to be super profitable, thanks to the double RP and money received for the second online Heist update Heists Update - RAID on Humane Labs. In this robbery, you and your three accomplices will have to take control a couple of powerful war machines: high-tech fighter's Hydra armored on the roof of the armored car Insurgent and military assault helicopter Valkyrie. Improve your management skills with these powerful war machines, especially now, when it's possible to get two times more reward than usual. Double the cash award will also those who will be able to "RAID on Humane Labs" by completing all of the Elite tests. So, look for the most experienced team, because to get even more money you will have to complete the Heist in just 11 minutes, without harming any one machine and not allowing anyone to die from their.

Also like last week, Rockstar Games has increased get RP with certain actions and side missions in GTA Online, allowing players to quickly get the desired grade and giving them the opportunity to practice more in the future to take their proper place in the list of top players. Below is a list of actions for which you get double RP:

  • the Destruction of the aircraft smugglers on the job Trevor.
  • the passage of the jobs of Flight school.
  • the Destruction of transport on the job Gerald.
  • the Completion of Bandit Raids.
  • delivery vehicles on the Simon task.
  • perform tricks on a parachute.
  • Deathmatch: killing two opponents in less than 10 seconds, killing the enemy in the first 30 seconds of the match.
  • Vehicle Deathmatch: killing two opponents in 10 seconds, killing the enemy within the first 60 seconds, a series of murders, the first murder.
On assurances of developers, this is not the last event this week, so stay tuned to our website not to miss anything important. Also, don't forget to look into the Rockstar Games Twitter, there is, also, very much interesting.

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2015-07-21 09:30:52

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