Double award for «The Prison Break»

The Prison Break - double reward
Gather all your faithful accomplices - the city rushed to the rumor that the reward offered by the Agent 14 for the salvation of Maksim Rashkovskiy from Bolingbroke, will be two times more than usual, at least for the next three days. Starting today and until Sunday, 19th July, online Heist «The Prison Break» will bring players two times more money and RP in GTA Online.

And for those who do not have sufficient skills, or reputation of the place for the planning of the RAID on the prison, the developers have increased the award RP for the following activities in GTA Online, to help players quickly gain the necessary level, while merchants property from Dynasty 8 undercut the prices of their luxury apartments. Below is a list of actions in GTA Online, for which you will receive double reward RP:

  • Capture of armoured vans
  • Award for the head.
  • Gathering supplies and killing enemies
  • the Destruction of the target transport
  • the Diversion of the attention of the police
  • Passing flight school jobs
  • Completed attack on gangs and killing enemies
  • Robbing stores
  • job Execution on delivery.
  • Random race
  • the killing of robbers
  • Murder on assignment Leicester
  • the Care of the police
  • Takedown planes
And here is the list of luxury apartments, is available these days with a 25% discount:

  • 3 Alta Street
  • 4 Integrity Way
  • Del Perro Heights
  • Eclipse Towers
  • Richards Majestic
  • Tinsel Towers
  • Weazel Plaza
Watch for further news on our website to be always updated with current stock in GTA Online. We always keep our finger on the pulse of the event, so be sure not miss anything.

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2015-07-16 11:52:37

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