An overview of the events in GTA Online

This time we are bringing you the latest news about the latest events happening in the GTA 5 community. Today we will tell you about the last event of the two major gangs GTA Online: STNC and GLRY's, under the name of Euro Car Meet. Also, on the agenda of the intense air battles recorded PC Pilots Crew - gang tax authorities on aerial combat in the skies over the state of San Andreas, and a few other interesting events.

STNC x GLRY's European Finest #CarMeet.

TheLowlyGentlemen - team is real fans of cars and everything connected with them, to cooperate with the gang Tha Gallery, together with the master of photography colognemitch, has launched a powerful event called "European FinEst #CarMeet". Many amazing shots and the video was filmed during this event. Browse a few of them and appreciate the amazing video captured by the masters of both gangs. Stay tuned on our website to be aware of future activities and events that are probably already preparing participants TheLowlyGentlemen and Tha Gallery.

Air battles from the best pilots of the gang of PC Pilots Crew.

A skilled and respected pilots h8mex666 and Liinex representing gang PC Pilots Crew, staged a real Battle of Los Santos directly above the skyscrapers of the city and mountains, blaine County. Gang PC Pilots Crew always supports his party in that those, by creating such wonderful clips showed the world who are PC Pilots and Crew that they trifled with. And they always preparing something new. Judging by the blog of the gang, they are already preparing the following videos and events, to once again prove that they have no equal in the sky of Los Santos. Subscribe to blog PC Pilots Crew or join their ranks, if you, like them, want to conquer the sky GTA Online.

Crew Anniversary: STUSH LIFE

Avid GTA fan and faithful follower of his gang Lazarus4life responded to a call from Rockstar Games to share their stories and gaming experiences with other players, and decided to tell us about your stylish gang, known as STUSH LIFE. This gang recently celebrated the first anniversary of its establishment. The gang was created mikeaveli000 that one day, tired of the team in which he was, decided to create their own band, a strong circle of friends, believing that each member of the gang should feel equal and necessary. STUSH LIFE - a friendly team of people, sharing their spirit of cooperation with each newcomer.

In addition, STUSH LIFE has long carried about fame in Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram, thanks to a multitude of stylish photo and video showing all the unique style STUSH LIFE.

Over the year since its inception, STUSH LIFE has grown from a small gang, only with eight key participants, a strong team of over 150 people, was well known for his stunning photos in Snapmatic and organization Team Deatch Match battles with other gangs, which helped them to take a place among the first of hundreds of gangs worldwide on PS4.

Today players from STUSH LIFE conquer free mode GTA Online, earn the highest scores in the online Robberies and share a part of my experience on how to organize events with other gangs GTA Online. To mark the anniversary, the gang organized a large-scale event (video from which you can view here) to thank all its members for the wonderful time spent together in GTA Online and promise another year full of fun, games, laughter, jokes and big explosions".

Tournaments and battles gangs.

Gang the H0T close to that CLAN to celebrate the seventh anniversary and to mark this memorable event, the gang created a video in which 12 of the main gang members show what they can do, the sounds of the official soundtrack GTA 5 song "Hive" by Earl Sweetshot. Being an elite squad of great players Association CAP PILLAS, these guys are really "annealed" in this video.

Meanwhile, the gang KiLLiN ALL ON SiGHT, and at the moment holds a tournament called "The Five" in which the five best players from each selected gang show all that they are capable of intense tournament battles. To monitor the progress of the tournament here, and more details about the rules and the scheme of the tournament can be found here.

At the moment this is all the news community that we wanted to share with you. Stay tuned on our website and you will be always informed about the latest events in GTA Online.

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