I'll Gotten Gains: Part Two has been released

I'll Gotten Gains: Part Two
The love of luxury, this is one of those things, in which it cannot afford to refuse any successful gangster. And if anyone does, and the rich merchants from Rockford hills know about it perfectly. In recent times that Los Santos is shaking from a huge number of robberies and traders have already prepared their counters, showcases and presentation of the room, putting all the new and luxury to meet the new class of elites and professional bandits, ruthless, but very, very solvent.

Update I'll Gotten Gains: Part Two for GTA Online has brought into play new luxury vehicles, destructive weapons and clothing that will easily distinguish you from the crowd. For starters, this Coil Brawler - luxury sports SUV with high ground clearance, great suspension and engine, 400 horsepower, which will allow you to shoot everywhere can be reached by car. If you care about maximum speed, the new supercar Progen T20 is one of the fastest cars ever in Los Santos. Sedan Vapid Chino will add a little power old school to your collection of cars. In the meantime, a new sportbike Dinka Vindicator, equipped with ultramodern KERS system nakaplivaya kinetic energy during braking and releases it during acceleration, giving extra speed, will show you what a real maneuverability and speed.

Dinka Vindicator
As a measure of understated elegance that can only be bought with dirty money, will be the speed boat Lampadati Toro, assembled, of wood of endangered species of tropical trees, covered with shiny varnish and equipped with two powerful V12 engines. Meanwhile, traders from Ammu-Nation is also not to waste time, selling wood and engraved Marksman Pistol with stopping power greater than a pump gun, and a little more personal weapons - solid-Golden brass knuckles Knuckle Dubsters.

For those who wish to exhibit their status on the show, iFruit Snap Watch will add a bit of high technology right on your wrist. Or if you want something really luxurious and watch for you is not just an accessory, choose the Medici Radial or Covgari Universe - nor available both in stores and boutiques around Los Santos, as well as a huge amount of new clothes and jewelry for men and women.

Vapid Chino
Another pleasant surprise from the developers: update 'Dirty money: Part two" added to GTA 5 new radio station "The Lab". Now it is available on all platforms (previously it was exclusive to the PC version of the game). Leading this radio - Dr. No. and Chemical Bro. In the rotation of the new radio there are tracks created by The Alchemist and Oh No, inspired by their previous musical works for GTA 5 and works Killer Mike, Little Dragon, Earl Sweatshirt, Phantogram, Freddie Gibbs, and others.

To players was not so hard to get my hands on a new vehicle and dear workers sales Legendary Motorsport offer one-time 25% discount on your next purchase from the 8th-15th July. All you need to get this temporary exclusive discounts is to register on Rockstar Social Club, sign up for newsletters and to join the Social Club website. After that, the discount will be available, but hurry, as mentioned above, it is only valid until the 15th July.

Progen T20
Of course, in addition to these innovations, the update fixed a lot of errors, bugs and flaws and changed some gameplay elements. To see the full list of changes look here. Another important innovation was the ability to create any jobs in the Fort of Secunda and the International Airport of Los Santos, which, previously, were closed. No doubt the gaming community, and especially the part that deals directly with the establishment of arbitrary tasks, making this step developers.

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2015-07-10 14:02:39

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