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After careful selection of a huge number of works, it's very please to congratulate the winner the Social Club member pimpedupbadass, with his great video "WHAT ILL-GOTTEN-GAINS IS ALL ABOUT". For his first place he will get a gaming keyboard G910 Orion Spark Gaming Keyboard and G510 gaming mouse Proteus Core Gaming Mouse with unique laser engraved with its Social Club ID and logo Rockstar Editor. Also as a reward for the first place he will get the items for GTA Online and a gift card for $100 for Rockstar Warehouse.


WHAT ILL-GOTTEN-GAINS IS ALL ABOUT from the author pimpedupbadass
The beginning of the video shows us a girl who got into prison BOLINGBROOK, car theft, but her stay there was not long, a minute later the heroine at the store Fleeca Bank. From there she and her companions, apparently, ripping off the scoop, go to reap the fruits of their labors buying expensive clothes boutiques, and driving around in supercar Progen T20 Sunny streets of Los Santos. Despite the simple plot, this video is downright captivates with its atmosphere and style. A well deserved first place!

the Second and third place

GOTTEN PAYBACK from the author .Angros
A devotee of his friend and left to die-and with obcienie pockets, the main character of this video vowed revenge. Eight years later, armed to the teeth and full of grim determination, he returned to the luxurious mansion of his enemy and begins to put his plan of revenge in life.

Welcome to Los Santos from the author BloodLust180
Tune in to real music dangerous black streets. Welcome to Los Santos is the perfect promotional video for Los Santos and all the vices of its inhabitants. Equipped with excellent effects and great camera work, this video takes us from the fiery brilliance of the streets of Wynwood to the most seedy of ratoncito Los Santos.

And something else interesting:

Some videos that are not included in the top three, but is too cool to leave them completely unattended:

Go Out Brawl! from the author mathewisonfire
Mathewisonfire driving Coil Brawler with the word DEATH on the license plate shows the maximum, what is this new SUV. He with equal ease and inevitably overcomes mountain trails, hills, forests and beaches, staying focused to avoid people on the way, showing that the Brawler will take place anywhere and at any time.

Devil's Playground from the author Mrluckdragon
Three minutes and nine seconds of pure driving and adrenaline... Testing all vehicles added to the updated "Dirty money" and handing out right and left punches knuckles gold exactly to the beat of the playing music, the hero of this movie is full of anger and determination that we all love such videos.

Fast Life by shorty2001
Fast as lightning action, the luxurious supercars races at top speed, jumps with a parachute from the skyscrapers of Los Santos - this is not a complete list of what awaits you in this video. Not to mention the incendiary hip-hop Vybz Kartel, surprising precisely selected text to the events occurring in the video.

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2015-08-20 11:55:30

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