GTA 5 Funniest dujest: October 2015

GTA 5 Funniest Digest
So there's, finally, another edition of our funniest digest. While we have a stable traveling on the Internet we've carefully selected and gathered a unique collection of frames worthy for your attention. GTA 5 continue to delight us with incredible and sometimes hilarious situations. It will be useful not only in order to cheer yourself up, but to better understand the possibilities of the game engine.

Almost all police officers in Los Santos believe that once they have entrusted the weapon, it can be use even without a purpose. A vivid example of such ugliness that is this episode.

I don't know what authors of this video wanted to show and how they managed to persuade so many people to participate in this, so to say, event, but the result you can see right in front of you.

Clearly, this is interesting. There is a lot to learn. The pilot of this plane no longer interested in flyes with two wings, like all normal people. Fender well, or just got lost somewhere along the way, but the pilot kept his head and landed the aircraft wthout any problems.

Hey, there's Lamar, on top of this plane. Apparently, the shelter of Apaches finally blew his mind off and he decided to arrange something like a local Apocalypse on one of the highways of Los Santos. Tough thing.

We all know that any gun, in the hands of the inept hand no more than useless scrap. Even a tankgun. But of course, this is not about our hero. He is a tanker effortlessly can even shoot down a bird, what can we say about cops?

It is not clear what it is, whether a bug's physics, whether Armored Kuruma is really so cool, but turned out very impressive. Any Dovakin will envy.

The best way to get rid of the chase is get a little off and ambush her. Apparently so did the player in this video. And decided not even to waste bullets. And, really, why?

A real pirate is not afraid of anything. He can single-handedly capture the enemy ship, wielding his rifle like a cudgel. The real owner of the coastal waters of Los Santos. These cops touch him not for good.

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2015-10-01 10:43:23

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