Fan-art gallery: January

Fan art gallery GTA Online
Did you hope to see our fan art gallery again? But no, there it is, right there! There is an incredible collection of amazing fan arts created by the best artists from around the GTA 5 community, but first and foremost we want to thank all those who never cease to share with the community the fruits of their creative labor - you and you once again prove that computer games are not only a way to kill time, but an art, capable of inspiring, not worse than any other, more traditional, arts.

Today we will see many interesting things: a couple of cute family photos, some great portraits of Trevor, coupled with impressive portraits of the characters from GTA Online and more. Well, let's not pull the cat's tail... and let's get started:

Eclipse Towers from Eray Demirel

Eclipse Towers
Using 3D Max, VRay and a little Photoshop magic, a Turkish artist Eray Demirel with an incredible degree of realism recreated the interior of the apartment Eclipse Tower from GTA 5. Just take a look at these works and try to escape the feeling that these are not real photos. Incredible work! See the entire gallery here.

Michael's Wedding from ɐuож

Michael's Wedding
ɐuож perfectly depicted the ceremony of the wedding of Michael and Amanda, while half-naked Trevor just flew by. There is no doubt that in reality it was about as well. According to the author, the idea for this drawing came to him after watching here this.

Beach Girl from NitzmanGTA

Beach Girl
User Social Club from Berlin, NitzmanGTA, decided to share this great poster pack Beach Bum, and with plastic stand, which he made with his own hands. Also there is a video with detailed instructions how to create such a masterpiece. Watch and you will succeed, of course, if your hands grow from the shoulders.

Trevor Philips from Parin Cashmony

Trevor Philips
Combining freehand drawing with Photoshop, Thai artist Parin Cashmony created this sinister portrait of Trevor Phillips on the background of the memorable destruction of the ranch O Nilov.

Trevor from Samson''s Tale

Short sport shorts, sunglasses-aviators and bloody footprints all over his body - "That's how I go to the beach in GTA 5". A Tumblr user, Samson''s Tale did a great job and the picture is downright quintessence Trevor Phillips!

Projeto pessoal - baseado em gta V from Daniel Victor

Projeto pessoal - baseado em gta V - 1 Projeto pessoal - baseado em gta V - 2
Projeto pessoal - baseado em gta V - 3 Projeto pessoal - baseado em gta V - 3
Daniel Victor decided that only one portrait will be clearly insufficient to display all his violent adventures palisandro a hot character GTA Online. It seems that in every role, be it a sniper or a prisoner, he remains incredibly photogenic.

Car Art from your0nlyhope

Car Art
Creating these psychedelic art cars from GTA Online, your0nlyhope probably wouldn't think it would be this cool. In its Twitter he said that made a ton of these artifacts, so if you are interested in, be sure safolova his account.

Character Portraits from Grobi Grafik

Cat Marston
Of course, you already know who Grobi Grafik. Personally we have been big fans. You can without a doubt say that he is one of the best if not the best artist in the GTA Online community. Here are two of his recent works. First, it's sultry, but deadly girl with a gun - character GTA Online Cat Marston. The image of the character based on the character Red_Lynx23 and also this video where you can see Cat Marston in action.
GTA V Online Character-Portrait
A second job you can see the sniper, closely watching the streets of Los Santos, habitually inflating bubble of chewing gum. We can not wait new works from Grobi Grafik, because he has never disappointed.

Grand Theft Auto V Protagonists from W_Flemming

Grand Theft Auto V Protagonists
Another fairly well-known artist in the ranks of fans for GTA 5 - W_Flemming. This time she came back and brought along his great art unchangeable Trinity of GTA 5. As the artist herself says this: " version of wary but cheerful Michael, ready for action Franklin and the intrepid owner of the "Trevor Philips industries" - Mr. Phillips, himself. Here they are, together again, ready for anything that prepares them for the future."

Today it is all the fan art that we wanted to show you. I hope in the near future of the creative community, GTA Online will make us something even more cool and fascinating. And while you wait.

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2016-01-26 09:53:34

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