GTA Online: new HVY Nightshark and more

GTA Online update
In GTA Online appeared HVY Nightshark and the new mode of warfare. The developers continue to add new vehicles and to delight their players.

New armored HVY Nightshark

HVY Nightshark from GTA 5
In the life of every successful arms dealer appears once a time when you realize that all the others want to kill you. And when that happens it would be wonderful if your car was perfectly prepared for the solution of this problem. Get behind the wheel HVY Nightshark on which you can comfortably down upon the enemy a hail of bullets from dual front-facing machine guns, located directly under the bumper of your car. Good armor will protect you from enemy attacks. This is the car business class to a whole new level. Can be purchased exclusively at Warstock Cache & Carry.

The new adversacy mode Overtime Shootout

Adversary mode Overtime Shootout
Well, you have successfully mastered the hilarious art of otpaivali the enemy with the center of the platform in Overtime Rumble. Can you even have time to get bored? Then it's time to take on this new challenge. The Overtime Shootout mode will require you maximum accuracy, precision and care. Instead of having to roll down the ramp shoulder-to-shoulder with teammates, each player gets their own time to bask in the glory. Don't forget that the winner is the team with the most points, so efforts will have to make the whole team without exception.

Until 14 August you have a unique opportunity to earn for more, (double) GTA$ and RP.

25% discount on Mobile operations Center, the improvement of paramilitary vehicles, new weapons and more

If you do not miss your time, until August 14, will be able to purchase a Mobile operations Center with various additions at a substantial discount of 25%. Also unleash your imagination with the exact same 25% discount on all the improvements and bugfixes of new paramilitary equipment, as well as on new weapons.

Moreover a huge discount of 25% is also available when you purchase a new weapons, which appeared in the game with the release of Gunrunning. If you want to try it out and good fun, then now is the time. Please note, discount will not be infinite!

Also, if you like to be employed, waving his gun left and right, then you also have good news. All the salaries of bodyguards and associates to grow by 25% until August 14.

Not remained aloof and Legendary Motorsport, which generously provides a 25% discount on the latest model of supercar. And this is neither more nor less, and the Dewbauchee Vagner.

Premium race and time trials

You can earn a very serious amount of GTA$ and RP (namely, a triple), if you win special contests only available from 8 to 14 August:

Premium race - "Mountain Drop";
The time trial - "Maze Bank Arena".

Start race through the app in your phone game or find with a marker on the map. Good luck!

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