GTA Online: new sports car and advesary mode

GTA Online update
GTA Online has another update! Now available the new sports car, which was previously blocked in the game, and also introduces a new mode of competition.

New car Pegassi Torero

Pegassi Torero from GTA 5
In GTA Online, now there is another beautiful classic sports car. It can be purchased starting on July 25 at the Legendary Motorsport store. The car is called. Torero and their shapes are strikingly reminiscent of real-life red sports cars are very famous Italian brand. Red means fast, it is known to everyone, so that the performance of this horse you definitely should not be any doubt. The car's design is modest, but it is immediately clear that the motor had the real sports. Lambo-doors are very stylish and not so common in the industry. If you have been thinking where to spend money earned in-game money, then this is a great choice for investments!

A new adversary mode Power Mad

The adversary mode Power Mad
The game also added new crazy mode of competition under the epic name Power Mad. Then you have to fight for the right to possession of a huge Juggernaut with minigun at the ready. Armed to the teeth and dressed in armor you need to survive as long as possible, collecting points. And if you survive long enough to fill the scale - you win. But if you don't all have to start from the beginning, only have first to deal with the previous owner of the costume. You can feel like a real combat robot is invincible, with a huge gun at the ready, the perfect killing machine. Color all around with your enemies ' blood, and sprinkle the top with lead, get a taste of martial insanity.

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2017-08-02 04:05:16

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