GTA Online: new car and the adversary mode

GTA Online Update
The developers at Rockstar are not asleep and constantly add something new to your favorite game. Let's understand that this time is waiting for us with the update of GTA Online.

New sports car Grotti Cheetah Classic in the game

New Grotti Cheetah Classic for GTA Online
GTA Online has now added a new car is a Grotti Cheetah Classic. The model is based on the appearance of the Ferrari Testarossa is a real classic sports car with a powerful engine and comfortable interior. If you could not choose between a vintage appearance and modern performance vehicles, here the choice is already made for you model perfectly combines both. Grotti Cheetah Classic you can buy exclusively at Legendary Motorsport. Most likely you have been looking for where to spend their hard earned GTA Online money and this machine certainly will be a great choice.

A new adversary mode Overtime Rumble in GTA Online

The adversary mode Overtime Rumble for GTA Online
Never dreamed how it should be dispersed at full speed to fly on your favorite Ruiner 2000 from the plane directly into an open sky? The developers at Rockstar decided to turn this beautiful feeling in people's fun by adding in GTA Online new adversarial mode. It's called Overtime Rumble is a real madness in the clouds. You have to go by car with a parachute together with his team to 10 employees and try to land in a huge circular target, ahead on points opponents. The closer to the center you land, the closer your victory. Besides, your accuracy will be generously rewarded with double GTA$ until July 17.

New executive office discounts

Executive office discounts in GTA Online
For the most enterprising in GTA Online there are new discounts on the purchase of the business. You have a great opportunity to start building your financial Empire with significant advantages. Become CEO in the cargo business or start a lucrative career in the arms trade - all in your hands and depends only on your imagination.

  • Maze Bank West – 25% off
  • Arcadius Business Center – 30% off
  • Lombank West – 35% off
  • Maze Bank Tower – 40% off
  • Executive Office Garages & Custom Auto Shop – 25% off
  • Executive Office Garage Renovations – 25% off
  • Custom Auto Shop Renovations – 25% off

Additional race

In the period from 11 to 17 July in GTA Online will be available in two special races is a premium "Big Drop" and the competition for the first time "Up Chiliad". Premium race can be run through the application on the phone or through the yellow marker on Legion Square. The top three riders will receive cash in GTA$ and triple RP. A race against time to find the marker on your game map.

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2017-07-12 08:23:47

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