GTA Online: Bonuses and discounts this weekend

Bonus on weekend in GTA Online
Be ready to take immediately job "import/export", which will soon start in GTA Online and Rockstar will help you prepare on this weekend. Double bonus GTA $ and RP in different modes, discount on products of the updates "Executives and Other Criminals" and "The new adventures of bandits and swindlers", as well as a 50% discount on offices. The details in this article.

Double GTA $ & RP on Entourage, Extraction, Hunting pack & Deadline

On December 8 you will receive twice as much GTA $ and RP for defense your boss in "Entourage", "Extraction" and "Hunting pack". Plus the bonus is available for the recently-released "Deadline" in which need destroy their enemies by light trail from motorcycle Shotaro.

New clothing: Blue paisley smoking jacket & pajamas

GTA Online: Blue jacket and pajamas
Can't calm down after a tense match? Wear comfortable blue jacket or pajamas
and calm your nerves. they will be available to those who log in during the discount. Visit any clothing store in GTA Online and get that nice gift.

50% off executive offices plus discounts on select executive goods & vehicles

The San Andreas fault open before boss sea of possibilities, but it all starts with office. To prepare for the upcoming update "Import/Export" purchase or improve your current base. To do this, enjoy 50% off for offices, items to change the style and decor of the offices. After that, take advantage of generous discounts on a wide range of other goods. Increase your profit by buying the special cargo with a 25% discount for resale, or take a luxury, but at the same time, practical limousine with a turret with a 50% discount. And that would be enough money in a single game we offer you to make use GTA 5 cheats. You will be able not only to raise money, but also much more available in Online, such as slowing down time or mega jump Here is the full list of discounted products updates "Executives and Other Criminals" and "The new adventures of bandits and swindlers":

"Executives and Other Criminals"
  • Turreted Limo - 50% off
  • Declasse Mamba - 25% off
  • Gallivanter Baller (Armored & Standard, all models) - 25% off
  • Enus Cognoscenti (All models) - 25% off
"The new adventures of bandits and swindlers"
  • Executive Offices - 50% off
  • Office Décor & Customization - 50% off
  • Assistant Services - 50% off
  • All FAFF Clothing - 50 % off
  • Vehicle Upgrades from Warehouses - 25% off
  • Grotti X80 Proto - 25% off
  • Vapid FMJ - 25% off
  • Benefactor XLS (Armored & Standard) - 25% off

Premium race: "Canyon crossing"

New premium race Canyon crossing
The usual river rafting - this is for cowards. Fasten your seat belt in RE Annis-7B or Emperor ETR1 and maintain the pipes above the Raton canyon at high speed. This premium non-contact race is available only for the class of supercars. All participants will receive triple bonus RP, and the three leaders will get a large sum of GTA $. Take advantage of this offer through 12 December.

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