Fan art for December 2016

Fan art GTA 5 for December 2016
Meet the new cool a selection of the best fan art for GTA by the most creative players and artists community from around the world for December 2016. We have selected for you best creations and offer to see them.

"GTAV Little Planets" by Marc W Bass

Southern San Andreas Los Santos Del Perro Pier
The series of images of small planets for GTAV by digital artist and photographer Marc W Bass. Their works he explained that: "I love this game and logged in a lot of hours of playing. I had, at the time, been messing around with creating little planets with my 'real life' camera and it was whilst I was playing the game I went to take a photo (in game) and thought "I could create something" and this is it."

"Grotti Girl" by W_Flemming

GTA 5: Grotti Girl by W_Flemming
W_Flemming - famous artist in the GTA community. And here is what she writes about this art: "Her name is JenniceKahn and she loves to ride her red Grotti Stinger". She also has a few great pictures from that game character. If you want make concept art for your picture, then, perhaps, you will help in the game cheats GTA 5. You will be able to turn off gravity, change weather, enable drift and the like. For more convenience, all codes for GTA 5 are placed and grouped on one page.

Fan art by Notorious Mercs

GTA 5: Fan art by Notorious Mercs
Users NotoriousMercs and Ghetto Fugitive captures the moment when in the adversary mode "KIll Quota" from the weapon Railgun after the shot coming out a thick purple cloud. He and his partner were amazed at his appearance, but they remain on alert to confront their opponents.(Source: NotoriousMercs on Twitter)

"Fate Calling" from Lu Iggy

GTA 5: Fate Calling by Lu Iggy
User did a wonderful preview by the new video for youtube which is appreciated Rockstar Games in his Twitter. This fan art looks awesome and very cinematic.

"Unfinished empathy" by _-Chy-_

GTA 5: Unfinished empathy by _-Chy-_
Gorgeous fan art by user _-Chy-_. Great picture, in which there is a beautiful mix of colors and the girl. On this can look a very long time, forgetting about the time. Apparently, the author wanted to convey his deep feelings and he perfectly coped with its task.

So here is a compilation of fan art for from concerned members of the community of the game. If you draw yourself, then send them to us. Best we turn in the next selection. Also follow our news not to miss anything important from the world of GTA.

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