GTA Online: double bonuses and new premium race

Update Creator and double bonus in GTA Online
Look in to GTA Online this week and get double bonus GTA $ and RP in "Drop Zone", "Power Play" and "Kill Quota". In addition, take advantage of various discounts and try new items added to the Creator.

Double bonus GTA $ and RP in the "Drop Zone", "Power Play" and "Kill Quota"

Satisfy your paratrooper fantasy in "Drop Zone" or let your inner beast run amok in "Power Play" and earn twice GTA $ and RP through 7 December. Also double bonus running in new adversary mode "Quota for murder."

Discounts on property, vehicle and more

Each boss in need of housing and ample suite of weapons to keep enemies in check. Bolster the style and security of your operation thanks to various discounts below:

  • 50% off Executive Offices
  • 50% off Office Décor & Customization
  • 50% off the Buzzard Attack Chopper
  • 25% off the Vapid Desert Raid
  • 25% off the Pegassi Reaper
  • 25% off the Enus Windsor
Weapons & Armor
  • 25% off all Sniper Rifles
  • 25% off all Shotguns
  • 25% off Body Armor

New stunt items available in the Creator GTA

New items for Creator GTA 5
GTA Online community now has the opportunity to elevate their Deathmatch, "Last Team Standing" and "Capture Jobs" to a new level thanks to new added items to Creator. More than two hundred items, the creative opportunities are almost limitless. Below presented list of new categories:

  • Stunt Tracks
  • Stunt Set Pieces
  • Stunt Tubes
  • Stunt Ramps
  • Stunt Raised Track
  • Stunt Signs
  • Stunt Building Blocks

Premium race: «Turbine» (November 29th - December 7th)

New preminum race Turbine in GTA Online
Dodge death on a wind farm RON Alternates in new premium race "Turbine". Get triple RP for participating and those, who finish in top three, will receive a solid amount of GTA $.

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