GTA Online: in December released a new update

New mode Import/Export in GTA Online
Savvy CEOs know there's always more for the taking. While special cargo business is booming, you have a new opportunity to expand its sphere of influence on the city. In new update "Import/Export" for GTA Online you'll be able to try their hand in this lucrative business, as exotic cars theft.

New exotic cars in GTA Online
Stealing and dealing high-end vehicles is serious business. Based on DLC "Further Adventures in Finance and Felony", update "Import/Export" brings into play a whole range of new ways to make money for bosses and their organizations. In order to refill your Bank account for a large amount, you will steal, modify, and resell most desirable cars in the city. For successful conduct of these operations will require talent, teamwork and the ability to intelligently apply new transportation special purpose, all while staying one step ahead of local police and greedy competitors from all over city and its countryside.

Beware of your competitors
To see the result of your activities on import and export will be on new property – vehicle warehouses – and bosses will be able to spend money for additional construction of their Executive Office buildings. Now in an office building can be equipped with a large garage with a height up to three storeys in style of "Showroom" and a total area of up to 60 Parking spaces, with finishes of your choice and Custom Auto Shop.

New special vehicles in GTA Online
Stay tuned. Soon will be available to new details about the update "Import/Export" and a new special vehicle, with which you will be able to inflict on the roads and streets of GTA Online chaos and destruction.

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