Branded t-shirts Rockstar

T-shirts from Rockstar
Branded t-shirts, Rockstar in black and white for you and your character in GTA Online.

Now in the Rockstar Warehouse you can purchase black and white t-shirts with the company logo developer.

These are wonderful, a monochrome t-shirts at the end of this month will also be available for your character in GTA Online. Now you and your virtual alter-ego will be similar even more than before. Besides, on the official Rockstar website you will find images for download, similar to those present in the previously mentioned t-shirts, only in different resolutions, to set them as the background picture on your desktop computer, phone, tablet or as avatars for social networks. A great new year snapping for all fans of the series.

The Rockstar Warehouse is the official online store of Rockstar Games, which are the attributes of the games issued by the aforementioned company. Rockstar often hold various competitions, which are played items from the Rockstar Warehouse, so do not yawn, not to run the next best action.

By purchasing any of the two (and both) are considered here t-shirts, you will kill not two, but three birds with one stone: get dressed yourself, dress up your character and at the same time support your favorite developers.

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2017-12-07 05:37:35

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