The film is about a clan in GTA Online

Noclip made a film about a clan from GTA Online
Noclip filmed a documentary about the most friendly clan in GTA Online.

Studio Noclip published a documentary film dedicated to the most hospitable clan in GTA Online

The GTA Online community includes hundreds of thousands of players worldwide, which, for greater productivity, together in separate clans. One of the most famous and friendly clan is Hillbilly Agenda, a leader who prefers to meet personally with their clan members.

The leader of the most friendly clan in GTA Online
The command Noclip spent a few days in Tennessee, where the leader of the Hillbilly Agenda under the name KnoxNerd (real name – Warren Scott), as well as many players from his clan, and filmed a terrific documentary dedicated to the relationship of the members of this Association. On film, the team members Noclip used a special camera techniques by which they tried to simulate some in-game transitions.

Participants Hillbilly Agenda hold annual party in a large mansion, where they invite their relatives, friends and acquaintances. Warren Scott (leader of clan) once spent a few hours to get on your private plane to one of the associates and help him in resolving the issues with the game.

Noclip is an independent Studio dedicated to the creation of documentaries about video games.

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2017-12-07 08:09:41

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