That players want to improve in GTA 5?

Problems GTA 5
What the players want GTA 5 from Rockstar in the future

Enough live the NPC and the problems with the cooperative mode in GTA 5. You need to Refine Rockstar for the next game

The release of the next GTA take place sooner or later. But for now let's talk about a few topical things that most of the players, perhaps, not very much would like to see in the new game.

A little bit to "revive" NPC

Not enough living NPC in GTA 5
GTA 5 is very realistic. You are in the car, or slowly walk along the sidewalk, and everywhere around you is blooming marvelous virtual world populated with diverse characters. But, despite their diversity, most of them behave too linear isn't good enough now, in comparison with the behavior of NPCs in Watch Dogs 2, for example.

A cooperative is not for introverts

Problems with the cooperative mode in GTA 5
If you want to do a robbery, make sure you can only in a team of several people. Yeah, not the most exciting prospect for those who are comfortable to go it alone and just shy of people. But if your temperament for some time can be overcome, what to do with the unreliability of some players who, in the process of completing some difficult missions may suddenly leave the game? These incidents have taken place, and in this respect the co-op mode requires some adjustment.

Again Los Santos?

A variety of locations in GTA 5
GTA 5 is a mountains, rivers, and forests, and the maze of city streets, and all sorts of beaches and sea and so forth. This diversity of locations makes you feel like a real traveler. But would you like to find yourself in Los Santos? Yes, it is definitely an interesting place, but still, from the future parts I want something decidedly new, and changing location can give a lot of new experiences. How about a prototype of the cleanest cities in America – Vice city?

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