Rare vehicles in GTA 5

Rare vehicles in GTA 5
Some more rare vehicles in GTA 5

Rare vehicles in GTA 5 – links to page with specifications, description and screenshots

Only rusty tractor

Rusty tractor in GTA 5
This beauty you can discover on the East coast of San Andreas. If you know where it is located the lighthouse of El-Gordo – in this case it's done on 90%, because in front of the lighthouse is worth building. In this house lives a strange lady named Ursula. And next to her house is searched, utterly rusted tractor

Pegassi Zentorno

Supercar Pegassi Zentorno in GTA 5
One of the fastest cars in the game - and not the cheapest (the cost of this supercar is equal to 725 000 GTA$), so it will probably be easier to steal. Most often.. can be found in some wealthy areas of San Andreas like Rockford hills or Vinewood. More rarely it is found in salons tuning LS Customs.

Canis Mesa (The"Merryweather")

Upgraded Canis Mesa in GTA 5
"Merryweather" – it is such microfabrication private military company that provides services of mercenaries. Naturally, employees of the Corporation are in possession of not any Mesa Canis, and Canis Mesa, equipped with an external rollcage and the addition to the title the words "Merryweather". To get an upgraded model during the passage of missions "Off the rails" and "Interchange".

In GTA Online, if you've already reached level 35, you get the opportunity to use the services of Merryweather Security Consulting and, when necessary, ask the local mercenaries for help. Consequently, they borrow a modified version of the Canis Mesa is not difficult.


Hipster bike in GTA 5
Nothing special – just most rare bike in the game, which you can get after completing a mission of fury in Trevor. The essence of the mission is that you need to fill up all the hipsters, come in large numbers for you on their Fixter, and then take any remaining "survivor" bike.

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