Details about the premium edition of GTA 5

Information about the premium edition of GTA 5
What is included in the kit GTA 5 Premium Edition?

More information on GTA 5 Premium Edition: release date and kit contents

In February, Amazon was discovered the page with the premium edition of GTA 5. Later, in March (what was the subject of yesterday's article) has reported that the South Korean ranking system assigned to the GTA 5 Premium Edition age rating of 18+, then no doubt the premium edition of the beloved game will be. It remains to be a bit more clear on the two exciting questions: "When?" and "What will include the premium kit?"

Originally release date GTA 5 Premium Edition was scheduled for March 23, however, it became known that the game release was postponed to April (exact date not yet known).

The contents of the premium edition of GTA 5
What will include a set of GTA 5 Premium Edition? Of course, GTA 5 and GTA Online, as well as all previous updates for the network version of the game. In addition, the owner of the premium edition will receive a set of "Criminal organization", which players are offered to purchase in December. This pack contains the content for the sum of 10 000 000 GTA$.

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