A new series of survival in GTA Online

New survival modes in GTA 5

I believe that you are made from the same dough that survives in any situation and is ready to prove it in deed and not in words? Especially for people like you, Rockstar has made as many as 7 new maps c battles for survival. You have to repel the attack of the whole gang of "Ballas" in the mother grove street. Avon Hertz will send your soul of goons and you will have to deal with them. On a missile base you will find a real hardcore with armored Juggernaut.

Double payouts

Of course, all this fun would be incomplete, if not double payment for completing the survival modes. This applies not only to 7 new but 9 old. That is a total of 16 cards, and each can receive a double reward, and even more than once. In addition, double rewards will bring you and mobile operations of the mobile command post. Oh and don't forget that none of the militarists will not be without a bunker, which can be purchased this week at a discount of 40%.

The anniversary of GTA Online

You probably can't wait to celebrate the event that marked the release of your favorite game? That takes money and they have to be! Just go to the game until October 2 and you get 1 million GTA$! Good, right? It's time to splash out.

Fashionable gift

New survival modes in GTA 5
Of course, in comparison with a million some kind of t-shirt may seem somewhat strange. But nevertheless, some things do not have prices. And even if a new t-shirt from Declasse not apply to those - and I don't expect this will prevent you to wear it with pleasure. Get it for free by going to the game this week.

New car on the podium in the casino

Perhaps you have loved wheel of fortune for a chance to win a great car that will please in the game. This week the main prize - Declasse Mamba. And it's not just a car, it is a real sports classic. So hurry up to spin the wheel!

New survival modes in GTA 5

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