Rune Zhaba in GTA 5 Online

Rune Zhaba in GTA 5

Tired to choose a vehicle that is appropriate for the area? Tired to go around the river and lake and take the boat every time they want to enjoy the sea view? Now you do not need to make any effort, because the new amphibious all-terrain vehicle Rune Zhaba suitable for all these conditions. For any conditions. No matter the ground in front of you, the stones, the swamp and just lake - just push the gas pedal to the floor and go straight.

The car has its controversial moments - such as a rather laconic and strict design, which is hardly suitable to go on a secular party. In a casino it would never come. And if they decide to go to the beach, then it should be a wild beach somewhere outside the city.

Rune Zhaba in GTA 5
Of course, to buy such a car you will be able in a specialized military store Warstock Cash & Carry where the prices are quite exorbitant. But you do not forget that the car is magical.

Christmas car on wheel of fortune

A car with a special paint made of snowflakes waiting for you at casino Diamond, which you have probably had no one good to enclose. However, his legendary reserves are not scarce and you will easily be able to take advantage of his generosity, rotating the wheel of fortune. Now there as the main prize worth Pfister Comet Safari. And it is very specific to Safari - a winter with snowflakes.

Rune Zhaba in GTA 5

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