Business Battles in GTA Online: New Bonuses

Business Battles

A new opportunity to get 2 times more RP and game currency.

This week, there is another opportunity to earn more money and experience by completing challenges and participating in events:
- Business Battles
- Martin and Lamar Contact Missions
- Hunting Pack Remix Adv Mode
- Stunt racing

New podium car

The top wheel spin prize at Diamond Casino & Resort this week is the NVY Nightshark. An excellent vehicle if you need to quickly get out of a robbery, while having time to repulse enemies - an armored body is able to withstand more than one hit from a rocket launcher.

NVY Nightshark


Visit GTA Online this week to unlock Dinka Aged Tee (requires Dinka Tee to unlock).

Premium stunt races and time trials

- Premium Race: An 8-figure bonus for all entrants.

Discounts this week

The 40% discount is now valid for:
- Terrorbyte
- Facilities
- Laser Weapons
- Chernobog
- Emerus
- Miljet
- Rhino

25% discount for:
- Mammoth Squaddie

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