GTA 5: hints and tips

Tips GTA 5

A small list of tips and tricks for GTA 5, which can be useful when passing game:
  • You can interact with NPCs by pressing right on the D-pad.
  • Use "point of interest" on your map to mark such places as liquor stores and other useful places.
  • To walk with Chop, use the left trigger to tie him to yourself.
  • You can transport a bicycle in the back of a truck.
  • Blue dots on the map is smaller missions, which you can find in the game world.
  • Orange icons of the skull on the map are special rampage missions available only for Trevor
  • To understand what the mission of the your current character can perform, look for the big icons missions on the map. Icons missions have colour conformity: for Michael blue, for Franklin green, and for Trevor orange.
  • When switching between characters number under each of the characters displays the amount of available missions for this character.
  • You can rob Security Vans: open the rear door of the Security Vans (for this shoot at them or use explosives), after that will fall cases with money. Security Vans can be found near gas stations as a random event.
  • You can find Adder car in this location:
    Adder car in GTA 5
    This is a rare car, check it later, if the first time machine was not there.
  • You can find rare cars, such as Infernus, Cheetah, Bullet, Colt Voltie and the others in this location:
    Where to find rare cars in GTA 5

    And in this location you can find tuned cars:
    Where to find tuned cars in GTA 5
  • You can Rob any in-game store: if you go inside so that you will close the door, then start to go out, but stop halfway so that the character would hold the door open to the outside. It will allow to get a gun and aim it to the seller. You can shoot at the cash registers, then the bags of money will fall to the floor. However, not all stores have the cash register.
  • If you need to restore your health, you can find packages of medicines within safe houses, or find a liquor store (and vending machines)and buy food. You can also try to find a prostitute and pick her up for a night. Switching between characters also restores health.
  • You can hide from the police in the bushes. player arrow turns gray if the police will not know where you
  • the Completion of all the shooting range challenges gives you a discount on all the Ammu-Nation and at the same time enhances shooting stat.
  • you should first try to improve driving stat, so you will use it the most in the game.
  • Press right on the D-Pad to turn on/off the flashlight on your weapons.
  • To buy a maximum of supplies to your guns in the Ammu-Nation, there is a button which you can press to switch between buying maximum and one clip. For Xbox 360 it is X, and for PS3 it is a square.
  • You can run and shoot, holding the right trigger. You can also do a somersault, hold the left or right trigger and pressing X/square
  • You can press L1 on the PS3 or LB on the Xbox 360, being in the car, to show the middle finger. But first make sure that no weapon is selected (X on Xbox 360 or square on the PS3 to switch to the unarmed mode)
  • You can do a dive, for this you need to jump and then press B (Xbox 360) or Circle (PS3)
  • Standing on a red signal of a traffic light rev your engine and try honk. Sometimes the nearest machine participate with you in the mini drag race.
  • If you wish to explore the land so far away, you can easily return to the zone of missions, succeeding character.
  • You can quickly travel by setting a marker on the map followed by a call of a taxi (located in telephone contacts as Downtown Cab Co").
  • To explore the world, you can use the helicopter. Map of location of the helicopter in GTA 5:
    To find the helicopter go to this location:

    the location of the helicopter in GTA 5

    Climb the stairs and then go up to the roof:
    How to get to the helicopter in GTA 5
    Helicopter in GTA 5

    Remember that if the helicopter didnt appear in the specified location, you can try to go down to the street, and then rise again.
  • You can find parachute climbing on top of the highest mountain, it lies near the exit from the funicular:
    Where to find parachute in GTA 5
    For deployment press A 360 or X on PS3. Once in your inventory, it will automatically be used when you jump.
  • In GTA 5 there is an aqualung, it is in Ship Yards on one of the Piers. This aqualung without a wetsuit and fins, but allows to plunge arbitrarily deep. Map:
    Where to find scuba GTA 5
    Scuba GTA V
  • Location in airport where you can find plane Shamal (small jet):
    Where to find plane Shamal in GTA 5
  • You can avoid receiving wanted level at the airport, if you buy an aircraft hangar
  • You can get the plane crop duster on Trevor's McKenzie Field runway, as they often land here.
  • After the purchase McKenzie Field Hangar property in the hangar appears twin-engine plane.
  • If you need to quickly land on the plane, but you can't find the runway, try using the highway or the beach.
  • You can buy helicopters and aircraft, through the in-game Internet ( using the telephone. Military helicopters and other military vehicles (including tank) can be purchased at After purchasing the vehicle will be delivered to a hangar
  • Cargo helicopter The Cargobob helicopter, which can be purchased at the link above, can pick and carry cars and other vehicles.
  • If you hold down LB + RB (Xbox 360) or L1 + R1 (PS3), driving the helicopter, it will help to avoid oscillations
  • You can also disable search lights on police helicopter shooting at them.
  • Buying things online is usually cheaper than in stores.
  • To quickly close the Internet browser, press Y on the Xbox 360 or the Triangle on the PS3.
  • Murder of pedestrians, after they have used ATM / cash machine, will give you a significant revenue.
  • Trevor can survive a fall from a great height, thanks to its special ability
  • Franklin can use his special ability for precise shooting of car
  • Michael can increase the time of his special ability by doing yoga.
  • Hiding in the tunnel is a good way to evade wanted level.
  • To dial the number on your mobile phone, open the contact list, and press X on the Xbox 360 or square on the PS3. Press this button again after you enter the number.
  • You can use the pause during cut-scenes.
  • To get more money for a robbery choose the best gun man, drivers, hackers etc.
  • You can find Tow truck in this location (near the LS customs).
    Where to find a Tow truck in GTA 5
  • Buying Los Santos Customs makes all the upgrades free in this shop.
  • You can use your mobile to call another main character, to spend time together.
  • If you don't know how to continue the story and do more missions, try to change the character.
  • You can answer your in-game email. This is useful for immersion into the life of the main characters.
  • Try to disable the HUD and radar to immerse and increasing complexity. You can't see where is the police, or other people on the minimap.
Tips for GTA Online:
  • If you want to play multiplayer, practice aims in the mode of "Free Aim" (you can change this in the settings > targeting mode > free aim). In GTA Online auto-aim is off. So it would be nice to get used to the regime of free-aim.
  • You can visit the Bank's site from your phone and dipposite cash to the account without the need to use the ATM.
  • Scroll right in the ammunation, next to the rocket launcher will be free shotgun (although you have to buy ammo).
  • You can find the helicopter in this location:
    Where to find helicopter in GTA Online