Shitzu Tropic from GTA 5

Shitzu Tropic from GTA 5
Shitzu Tropic is a motorboat/yacht, engineered and manufactured by a non-existant in real world, fictional in-game Japanese company, Shitzu.

Motor yacht Tropic made it's first appearance in the series in Grand Theft Auto in GTA: Vice City, and, since then, was seen in each part of the series. However, if you compare Tropic variations present in GTA: Vice City and it's analogue in GTA 5, then you will hardly notice any similarities other than that they both belong to to "boat" vehicle class and that they have special safety frames on the frontal part of the boat. In GTA: Vice City Tropic is an actual flybridge yacht, which has it's own living apartments and even a kitchen, and, as for GTA 5, it is, well, not really a yacht, but a regular speedboat, furthermore, there is even a variant without a body-"roof" in the game. Also, GTA 5 Tropic has a spoiler. In it's design white colour definitely dominates, however ther eis a dark-blue line between bottom and upper parts of the body, and the whole frontal-upper (up of the nose) is covered with the same colour.

Shitzu Tropic from GTA 5 - side view Shitzu Tropic from GTA 5 - view from behind
This motorboat weights approximately a few tons, and it's engine lets it achieving speed up to 115 kilometres per hour, which is, actually, not the top speed in GTA 5, but neither it is the worst, and it's acceleration as well is higher than average. Shitzu Tropic has a good stability, which lets it to have the up and down to be in the right directions (in most cases). Tropic is better than others handles unwanted accidents on water, it is much better handles hits. You can buy Shitzu Tropic, just like any other, on the website.

There is also a yacht variant Shitzu Tropic. It is no different in characteristics but has a different color scheme and it's own model.

Shitzu Tropic Yacht - front view Shitzu Tropic Yacht - side view Shitzu Tropic Yacht - rear view
The real-life prototypes of Shitzu Tropic are unknown.

GTA 5 Shitzu Tropic characteristics

Speed 110 km/h
Mass 2500 kg
Capacity 4 passangers
Engine gasoline
Damage in the collision 100%
Damage during the deformation of the body 150%
Damaging small arms 100%
Damaging the engine 150%
The purchase price in GTA Online $25160
The price of legal sale
The illegal sale price

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