Cheval Picador from GTA 5

Picador from GTA 5 - front view
Cheval Picador - another muscle car, available in GTA 5 and GTA Online. Before this machine only appeared in GTA San Andreas.

Machine, despite its rustic appearance, has not bad speed and acceleration, but four-wheel drive, allows her to feel great on the roads.

Picador is the pickup version of another muscle – Buccaneer in GTA 5 is the concern Cheval and, of course, based on real-life cars Holden HJ and Chevrolet El Camino 1972. Game version for PlayStation 4, XBOX One and PC, there is a monster truck version of Picador – Marshall.

Picador from GTA 5 - front view Picador from GTA 5 - side view Picador from GTA 5 - rear view
Picador has a V-shaped 8-cylinder engine, judging by the sound of operation is identical to that established in the Gauntlet and Sabre Turbo. Speed ​​and acceleration dynamics are good, especially if they improve in the Los Santos Customs, but still more modern maslkary like dominator surely overtake Picador. The behavior of vehicles on the road is very unusual, different from most other maslkarov due Picador'a-wheel drive system, which gives it an excellent starting traction and acceleration. This feature, coupled with the soft suspension makes it one of the best Picador maslkarov to ride on the road. The machine also has a very low strength and crash protection, protection from bullet hits - average.

The machine can often be found in the Los Santos Strawberry, also, very often it appears napodaleku from Sandy Shores. In the end, if you can not find it in the game world, you can just buy Picador through the Internet for $ 9,000.

Features Picador in GTA 5

Speed 135 kmph (95 mph)
Weight 1600 kg
Capacity 2 people
Engine petrol
Damage in the collision 70%
Damage during the deformation of the body 70%
Damaging small arms 100%
Damaging the engine 150%
The purchase price in GTA Online $9000
The price of legal sale $5400
The illegal sale price $900

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