Pisswasser Dominator from GTA 5

Pisswasser Dominator GTA 5 - front view
Pisswasser Dominator, it improved the racing version of the usual Domnator'and available as exclusive content for returning players in the Updated version of the game with the PS3 and XBOX 360. This is, without doubt, one of the best muscle car available in a single game.

Pisswasser Dominator bears sponsored ad German brewing company Pisswasser. Like all racing versions of regular cars in GTA 5, Pisswasser Dominator has improved performance compared with the regular version. A racing version of the muscle car has a much improved braking system, the best the dynamics of acceleration and maximum speed. Still the car remained only the handling, still requiring the driver of certain skills, especially at high speeds and narrow winding roads. You can improve Pisswasser Dominetor, using the services of a Los Santos Customs. Like all race cars, you will not be able to remove or change the sponsorship decals.

Pisswasser Dominator GTA 5 - front view Pisswasser Dominator GTA 5 - side view Pisswasser Dominator GTA 5 - rear view
Of course, this machine will come in handy not only during the race. It also very convenient to get from the police. If, during the chase, you will find a long enough straight section and attains a maximum speed, it is unlikely that you will be able to catch even a police helicopter, not to mention ordinary patrol cars. On Pisswasser Dominator you really can feel like king of the road.

Get this machine, finishing in 3rd place in the race muscle near sandy shores.

Characteristics Pisswasser Dominator in GTA 5

Speed 145 kmph (100 mph)
Weight 1600 kg
Capacity 2 people
Engine petrol
Damage in the collision 70%
Damage during the deformation of the body 70%
Damaging small arms 100%
Damaging the engine 150%
The purchase price in GTA Online -
The price of legal sale -
The illegal sale price -

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