TV Trailer from GTA V

TV Trailer from GTA V
TV Trailer – the trailer is available in GTA V.

Model TV Trailer is no different from the standard trailer, except that the variegated coloring of the container, where in a bright flash of fireworks, the logo of the fictional in-game TV show "Flame or Shame". "Flame or Shame", obviously, is a parody of the popular American show existing in real life like The X Factor, The Voice, Fame Academy, Britain's Got Talent, Strictly Come Dancing, American Idol и America's Got Talent.

TV Trailer from GTA V front view TV Trailer from GTA V side view TV Trailer from GTA V rear view
The presenter of this TV show Laszlo Jones – game character and a real person, known for his part in the creation of a series of games GTA. In the game world Laszlo acts including as a broadcaster. Ratings "Flame or Shame" seems to leave much to be desired, resulting Lazlo is forced to ask judges to do something out of the ordinary that would attract the attention of more viewers.

At the rear of the TV Trailer (in addition to the logo have not once named TV show on the background of Golden sparks) also holds the inscription: "No talent required" that reveals the true nature of such shows.

Characteristics of TV Trailer from GTA 5

Weight 2000kg
The coefficient of air resistance 10
Water immersion 80%
Damage from a collision 100%
Weapon damage 100%
Damage from the strain 20%
Price 40000$

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