Flat Trailer from GTA 5

Flat Trailer from GTA 5
Flat Trailer – basic towed semi-trailer, available in GTA 5 and GTA Online.

This model represents a two-axle semi-trailer medium size. Sides Flat Trailer located safety bars. The player can freely climb on the trailer and stand on it from dusk until dawn while he is in motion, risking to fall only on particularly sharp turns or in case of his negligence.

Flat Trailer from GTA 5 front view Flat Trailer from GTA 5 side view Flat Trailer from GTA 5 rear view
This model can tow the following vehicles:

- Barracks Semi;
- Docktug;
- Hauler;
- Packer;
- Phantom;
- Phantom Wedge.

Flat Trailer more lightweight compared to other trailers, making is highly maneuverable and allows the towing vehicle to develop a fairly high speed. Flat shorter than Army Trailer, but wider than it, which will not be able to drive through some very narrow streets.

Characteristics of Flat Trailer from GTA 5

Weight 4000kg
The coefficient of air resistance 10
Water immersion 80%
Damage from a collision 80%
Weapon damage 100%
Damage from the strain 20%
Price 40000$

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