The light at the end of the tunnel

The light at the end of the tunnel
Meeet another video by speedyw03 channel - GTA 5 Online Stunts! - Flying Jets Through Tunnels!

We didn't add anything to this section for a long time. But don't worry - here we are with another cool GTA Online video! The new video from the popular games channel speedyw03. This time the authors have set themselves quite an uneasy task: to fly a fighter jet through the tunnel under the Fort Zacundo military base. You might remember this long tunnel, in the middle of one of the main highways that connects Los Santos and Blane County. It is very spacious for a car, but not for a jet which rushing forward at a speed several times the speed of the fastest sport car. In short, the task is very non-trivial.

Of course, the guys didn't make it at the first time. So was at the second time. And with the third as well. They weren't always even close. But they work hard and finally did it! Believe me, you just can't watch this video without a smile. May be you get inspired to do something similar, then this video will be able to serve you a great help. But first you should practice in a single player mode, using cheats for GTA 5. By the way, the authors of the video are playing on Xbox One, which doesn't make things easier at all. Believe my experience - it's much more easier to control the plane with a mouse than with a gamepad. I can safely say that the authors of the video has earned our approval.

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2016-04-01 04:46:45

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