Video GTA Online glitches

GTA Online Glitches
Today we have for you two videos about GTA Online from the chanal Igor Tonet!

We're sure you know what is glith. Don't worry, it isn't cheating and there is nothing particularly illegal about it. This is because the developers made a mistake and they need to understand that savvy players will find and use it. In the extreme case, you can say that it was an accident.

There are so many glitches. But fortunately there is a great gaming channel called Igor Tonet. It is a Russian channel, but you can you subtutels. The author lucidly and clearly explain and show you how to use one or the other glitch. Today we want to tell you about two videos from channel Igor Tonet that tell about the two glitches on the unique suits in GTA Online.

First video:

With this glitch you can get costumes from various GTA Online missions, including the police uniform (without caps) or the convict prison suit with handcuffs. Glich is very simple, but without proper instructions it would not work. As stated in the title of the video, the glitch is guaranteed to work only on the 1.33 patch.

Second video:

The following video will tell you about another glitch that will give you a completely unique costume with an invisible torso, so-called Modders Suit. Believe me, this is no more virtually no other place in GTA Online!

Huge thanks to channel Igor Tonet for these useful tips. Be sure to see his other videos on GTA Online and not only where you are sure to find many interesting things. Also, don't forget to subscribe to this channel, because useful a video on it go with enviable regularity! By the way, we also have our own channel where we have been uploaded full video walkthrough of the single player GTA 5. If you are having difficulty with a mission, then have a look there and find a solution to my problem!

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2016-04-22 03:55:19

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