New glitches by Igor Tonet

New glitches from Igor Tonet
Gaming channel Igor Tonet again pleases us with his cool video about the secret glitches in GTA Online!

Last time the Igor Tonet channel told us about the glitches on unique costumes for your character in GTA Online. This is fun, of course, but we always want more, don't we? Today there are two interesting glitches that can really provide serious advantage over your opponents in the multiplayer mode of GTA 5.

First video

GTA Online on PC: Hydra, savage and Valkyrie for 500 000 $ (Patch 1.33)

With this glitch you can get an expensive combat vehicles in GTA Online spending some miserable third of its real value! Interested? Then watch the video and use it until the glitch is not fixed. Using this glitch, you will be able to get Savage and Valkyrie helicopters and other expensive vehicles. The glitch only works on patch 1.33.

Second video

GTA Online on PS4, XB1 and PC: How to Shoot underwater (Patch 1.33)

The second video tells you a good way to surprise your enemy in GTA Online by attacking them of where they won't expect it! Now you can surprise anyone! The glitch will only work on the 1.33 patch.

Again thanks to channel Igor Tonet for another portion of cool glitches for GTA Online. Visit and subscribe to this channel, because there you will find a huge variety of cool and useful video about GTA Online, and about other games as well. By the way, if you are 18 old, you can find on our website a whole page devoted to sex in GTA 5. There you will find all that relates to intimate relationships in GTA 5: mods, cut scenes and much more!

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2016-04-28 08:08:17

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