Unique suit for GTA Online

Unique costume in GTA Online
Want to make your GTA Online character really unique, but don't know how? The Igor Tonet channel will help you! Watch the video about the new glitch on unique modder Suit!

GTA Online on PS4, XB1 and PC: glitch on Modder Suit

If your character doesn't look badass or standard selection of clothes and accessories doesn't satisfy you, then this glitch is just for you. After watching the video and following the simple instructions you will be able to get a completely unique suit for GTA Online. As with any clothes glitch, this allows you to keep the suit forever and to wear or remove it whenever you want. Besides, using non-complex algorithm, which uses by the author of the video, you will be able to combine all the glitches created costumes. In short, the opportunities are more than wide! Glitch working for patch 1.33.

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2016-05-19 09:34:43

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