Sex in GTA 5

Remove the kids from the screen, because today we're going to talk about perhaps the most attractive side of GTA 5.

Sex in GTA 5
The topic of sex is disclosed in Grand Theft Auto 5 quite widely. And although there isn't outright pornography in the game, you can easily find a couple of some very explicit scenes. In GTA 5 sex is represented by many small references and minigames. But lets keep to the order.

Strip bar in GTA 5

Strip bar in GTA 5
You can freely visit a strip bar in GTA 5. The place is located in the central part of Los Santos, not far from the infamous Grove Street. Here you can look at the girls in the common room totally for free or buy a private dance and appreciate the art and beauty of a dancer in close proximity or even snuggle girl up a little without getting caught by the guards.

The interior of the Vanilla Unicorn strip club in GTA 5 Girl at work in GTA 5 Stripper gets her money for college in GTA 5
By the way, you can increase the amount of reputation with each stripper and then visit them. However in this case we will not show anything specific, even a brief cut-scene. If you didn't know how to hook up a girl in GTA 5, then here is the answer. GTA 5 strip club is available to visit from the very beginning of the game.

Private dance in GTA 5 Strepper knows her job in GTA 5!
Funny, that the Vanilla Unicorn's guard meets Michael with friendly greetings like an old friend and regular customer. Franklin also likes to relax in this lovely place. Moreover, after their friend Trevor became an owner of the club they both must have got a serious discount.

Prostitutes in GTA

Prostitutes at work in GTA 5
As in previous games of the GTA series, in GTA 5 there are representatives of the world's oldest profession. The mechanics of interaction with them hasn't changed at all: all you need to do is to drive to a hooker, honk the horn, wait until she sits in your car and ask to take her somewhere more private. Any empty parking lot or a shady spot in the park would fit.

What's wrong with your eye?
After this you will need to choose the desired service, then sit back and have fun. GTA 5 prostitutes come to fish in the dark, usually you can find them in the South-Western part of the city and near the beach of Vespucci. Prostitutes in GTA 5 is the easiest and fastest way to get sex, just like in real life.

Porn cut scenes and mission

Of course there is ses in the story missions of GTA 5. A couple of times per game, you can watch the beautifully orchestrated scenes of sexual intercourse with different degrees of openness, as well as situations, one way or another concerning the intimate lives of our heroes.

Marriage Counseling

Not my fault!
In this mission, Michael's wife Amanda cheating on him with her tennis coach, and an angry husband interrupts their idyll. We won't see the process of adultery here, but at least you can see Amanda in a negligee.

Daddy's Little Girl

Dancing on the table in GTA 5!
Children grow so fast that parents do not always even realize how much. The beloved daughter of Michael, Tracey, has long since not a child. Michael accidentally finds out that his daughter is having fun on the yacht with the porn producers. Quite enought to lost the temper, isn't it?

Mr. Phillips

Meet Trevor in GTA 5!
The first acquaintance with Trevor Phillips and we see how he uses his boy on purpose. Such an ordinary morning somewhere in the American heartland.

Shame or Fame

That was a big mistake Laszlo
And again the family of Michael is in the spotlight. And again Tracy is in the spotlight! Yeah, this girl is really would do anything to become famous. To impress the jury and spectators of the Fame or Shame show she decides to preform more than frank dance right in the air. Unfortunately for her and the show's host, jthere was her father along with Trevor.

Sex Mods

Of course, the gaming community could not ignore the GTA 5 porn. Sex in GTA 5 has become the main theme of many game modifications created by modders from around the world. There are many such mods, but here we will talk only about the most popular of them. Remember only one thing: GTA 5 sex mods are only for persons over 18 years.

GTA 5 Hot Coffee

Hot Coffee in GTA 5
The Hot Coffee mod greatly increases the functionality of prostitutes in GTA 5. With this mod you will no longer need to search for the prostitutes throughout the city - they materialsource right out of the air for the first clique and will be entirely at your disposal. This mod also allows you to arbitrarily change the camera position during sex with a prostitute.

GTA 5 Naked girls

Naked girls in GTA 5
This mod removes swimwear beachwear beauties, so you will now be able to admire their charms as they want. Or rather, until they get tired of your annoying attention.

GTA 5 Hookers Improved

Hookers Improved in GTA 5
Hookers Improved in action is very similar to the Hot Coffee mod, but not allow you to spawn the prostitutes at will. Besides, he increases the detail of prostitutes, making them even more pleasant.

By the way, there is another small thing associated with sex in GTA 5. Riding around the world of GTA 5, you can meet a drunk couple, who will be asked to drive them to a motel. If you agree to help them, soon the lovers could not restrain their passion and begin to have sex right in the back seat of your car, don't hesitate to your presence. All three characters react to this in completely different ways. Trevor, for example, offer to join, and Michael, on the contrary, will be asked them to behave decently.

I hope you enjoyed this article about sex in GTA 5. If you have something to add, especially for this and there are comments to the article. Share your opinions and suggestions!

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