Games similar to GTA 5

Games similar to GTA 5
Wildly popular Grand Theft Auto 5 has always aroused not only admiration, but also envy. Of course such a unique game like GTA 5 could not appear a whole brood of clones of varying degrees of validity. And we'll talk about them today!

Actually there are many clones of GTA. If we start to talk about them all, then you just won't have the patience to read such a huge article. So let's focus only on the most worthy imitators of Grand Theft Auto series.


Mafia 2
Like GTA, Mafia is a game series that needs no special introduction. These games hardly can be called Grand Theft Auto clones, since they have their own fan base and a considerable number of achievements in the gaming industry. The history of the series began on 28 August 2002, with the American release of the third-person shooter Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. And this game has made quite a splash. The game perfectly conveys the atmosphere of the Italian mafia of the 20's, it has a great story, revolutionary graphics and game mechanics. Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven is, without a doubt, one of the best games of early 2000-ies.

Of course, the resounding success of the first Mafia could not fail to lead to a sequel. The second part of a series called Mafia II has been released 8 years later (a huge period for the gaming industry), so you can imagine the joy of the fans caused by the release of the highly anticipated sequel of their beloved game. The game was moved from prohibition times in the USA, into the 50-ies of the 20th century. The second part brought nothing fundamentally new to the series, however, didn't turnd out bad. Updated graphics, great story, cool game mechanics and breathtaking rides on retro cars - all that remained at the same high level.

At the moment the Mafia 3 is in the development. This time the stiry will take place 20 years after and we will play on the side of the worst enemies of the Italian mafia - the black gangs. The game is scheduled for release on October 7, 2016.

In General, the Mafia game series, perhaps the most serious competitor to GTA, and many believe that Mafia 3 will easily compete with GTA 5. Well, we'll see soon enoguh.

Saints Row

Saints Row
The first part of the Saints Row series came out back in 2006, after which the world saw four more games: Saints Row 2 in 2008, Saints Row: The Third in 2011, Saints Row 4 in 2013, and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell in 2015. All games in the series tell the story of the "Saints". In the first and second parts the main character will take part in the war for control of the town of Stillwater. In the third part the Saints must engage in mortal combat with the powerful criminal organization Syndicate, during which they leave their native Stillwater and go to Steelport. In the fourth part of the game the protagonist, who had become President of the United States, and his faithful "Saints" will fight with the evil aliens in two worlds: real and virtual. Finally, the fifth game in the series, Saints Row: Gat out of Hell takes the player into a hell where he'll have to fight hordes of demons.

Saints Row: The Third
Gameplay of the Saints Row games is almost completely copied from GTA. At least in the first two games. However, there are very significant differences. The first and foremost is fully customizable character, including gender, race, body type, and the like. Also, the game has multiplayer and co-op mode. The plot of Saints Row is very peculiar, as well as the humor. In General we can say that Saints Row is probably not a clone, but a parody of GTA 5.

Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs
The release of Sleeping Dogs took place on 14 August 2012. This game tells about the adventures of Wei Shen - an undercover COP trying to infiltrate one of the largest criminal organizations of Hong Kong. The game has collected a lot of positive feedback and gained fame as one of the best GTA colones. A distinctive feature of the game are martial arts. This part of the game boasts great realism, as the main consultant to the developers on the combat system was Georges St-Pierre himself (one of the best fighters in the entire history of mixed martial arts).

Sleeping Dogs
Playing Sleeping Dogs you can immerse yourself in a truly exciting plot and unusual setting. Another feature of the game is that the player has to choose what tasks to perform: police or triad. In General we can say that Sleeping Dogs, if initially conceived as a clone of GTA, in the end became independent game with unique gameplay.

Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs
This creation of famous authors of Assasins Creed, was released on May 27, 2014. Despite a serious downgrade, at first the game makes a very positive impression. The graphics were pleasant, the music is great, and the mechanics of the GTA coupled with the main feature of Watch Dogs - hacking various devices and systems of the city, make the gameplay of this game unique. The plot is decent, though not particularly catchy. Overall, Watch Dogs is a pure clone of GTA 5, with only one difference - the hacking mechanic.

Watch Dogs
Also, not so long ago it became known that Ubisoft are already developing the following parts of Watch Dogs, which will become a regular series like Assasins Creed. What is it, the birth of new GTA-killer or just an attempt to earn as much money as possible, using other people's achievements? The future will show.

The Godfather

The Godfather
The Godfather series is another attempt to tear the laurels of GTA, this time taken by the famous Electronic Arts. It would seem that all the prerequisites for success were available initially: mechanics of open world with cars, more than a recognizable name, a huge amount of money, and experienced developers. Did they succeed? We can say "yes". Of course, both The Godfather games aren't masterpieces, but these games are worth your attention.

The Godfather 2
The second part appeared in 2009 and has not introduced anything really new neither in gameplay nor in game mechanics. Both games can be called quite average representatives of the genre, nor too bad, not too good.

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