Graphics card for GTA 5

Which graphics card will be the best for GTA 5?
We're quite sure you wouldn't argue that Grand Theft Auto 5 is currently the graphical standard of the series. Especially the PC version, which has the best graphics among all the ports and versions of GTA 5. What graphics card is the best for comfortable playing GTA 5 on your computer?

Now we're not going to tell you how to run GTA 5 on a low-end machine. Moreover, such article is already available on our website. This time we're talking about, on what hardware you will be able to achieve stable and nice FPS on high and max settings in Grand Theft Auto 5. In this article you will find out what a graphics card for GTA 5 will be the best.

With the release of GTA 5 on PC players gained access to a much broader range of game options than you could even dream of on consoles. You can affect literally every graphic aspect and the game itself calculate the amount of necessary video memory. You can try to set all settings to maximum but then don't be surprised if the amount of consumed VRAM will rise over 4 GB. If your computer can handle this you have nothing to worry about. However, only a very small number of players has such a powerful computers. Playing on a lowest settings isn't pleasant at all - who on earth would want to play GTA 5 without a smallest bit of graphics? But, don't worry! In this article we'll tell you the most suitable videocard for GTA 5/

Gaming computer that's powerful enough for GTA 5 should have at least 8 GB of RAM, processor, about Intel Core i5 3470 or AMD X8 FX-8350, and a powerful enough graphics card. Generally, the most important for playing GTA 5 (and for any other game as well) is a graphics card. And what kind of graphics card would be the best for GTA 5?

GTA 5 AMD videocards

AMD Radeon
AMD are usually cheaper, but more energy-intensive counterparts of its competitors. Of course, there is never too much power and if you want to play with 4K resolution on a giant TV and with maximum settings, the more powerful your graphics card the better. Our Research Department has done a lot of tests and found out that for more or less comfortable playing at maximum settings and with 1920x1080 resolution the AMD Radeon R9 280 would be enough, but it is better to have something like Radeon R9 295X2. Playing on medium settings, with the most resource-intensive options disabled will require Radeon R9 290X or so.

Lowest graphicss settings doesn't allow you to fully enjoy the beauty of the GTA 5 world, but at least it will allow you to walkthrough the game's main stoiryline, which isn't so bad, is it? Such settings will require Radeon R7 240 or Radeon R7 250.

GTA 5 NVidia videocards

NVidia GeForce
NVidia graphicss cards are the main competitor of AMD. They are more expensive, but less heated, consume less energy and are usually more reliable. The game on high graphicss settings with 1920x1080 resolution will require at least GeForce GTX 770, but it's better to have a top-end gear, like the GeForce GTX 980. Medium settings, with the most "heavy" processes turned off, will require the same GeForce GTX 770 or GeForce GTX 780 Ti.

Lowest settings settings will require GeForce GTX 740, but it is better to have something more serious like GTX 650.

I hope we answered the question "what graphics card will fit GTA 5?". If you still have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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