How to complete yoga in GTA 5

How to complete yoga in GTA 5?
Oddly enough, many players have some difficulties with such a simple mission as "Did somebody say yoga?" in the single player mode of GTA 5. In this article we will try to help anyone who having problems with this mission.

GTA 5 yoga, in addition to the above, presented in the form of mini-games, similar to triathlon or tennis, and scattered around the city. Starting this mini-game you will be able to train your yoga and prepare yourself for the mission. But who would do it? For me, personally, GTA 5 yoga begins and ends only with the mission "Did somebody say yoga?". However, in this article we will help you to understand how to pass the mission GTA 5 PC yoga.

How to complete GTA 5 Yoga on PC

The difficulty of this mission depends not so much on your skills, but rather on a game controller you're using. After completing GTA 5 for like fifth time, the "Did somebody say yoga?" mission seemed to me the most difficult while playing on keyboard and mouse.

Did somebody say yoga?
It's hard to say exactly why. But it is as it is. However, in GTA 5 yoga walkthrough there isn't something particularly difficult. You just need to press and hold keys and move the mouse, the way game shows you. This mission requires only a little patience and concentration. If you are already familiar with yoga in GTA 5 this mission will hardly bother you. In other cases we have only one advice: try again and again until you succeed! For completeness of understanding you can look our full video walkthrough of GTA 5, on our website.

Hope this article helped you to understand how to get to PC mission GTA 5 Yoga (aka "Did someone say yoga?"). Stay tuned for more useful tips and facts from the GTA 5 soon on our website!

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