Drivers for GTA 5

Drivers for GTA 5
The largest graphics card manufacturers work closely with developers of video games, regularly releasing special drivers for largest projects of the gaming industry. Of course, such a big and anticipated release as the release of Grand Theft Auto 5 on PC is no exception.

The release of GTA 5 on PC literally blew up the gaming community worldwide. It's hard to remember the equally anticipated game. Especially considering the fact how long the new GTA has remained consoles exclusive, which definitely makes PC users feel uneasy. Of course, graphics card manufacturers couldn't let their devices set them up with GTA 5. Specialized drivers for GTA 5 appeared almost immediately from both the largest manufacturers: Nvidia and AMD.

Nvidia GTA 5 Driver

GeForce Experience drivers for GTA 5
Specialized GTA 5 Nvidia driver came right at the day of release of the game and has 350.12 version. You can download it at the official Nvidia website. This driver supports GeForce 400 series, GeForce 500 series, GeForce 600 series, GeForce 700 series, and top-end GeForce 900 series. Using the GeForce Experience with this driver you can easily and quickly optimize GTA 5 settings for your system and get the best quality and performance in the game.

AMD for GTA 5 Driver

AMD Catalyst drivers for GTA 5
AMD had also updated their software. There is no individual AMD driver for GTA 5, but there is the AMD Catalyst that can easily replace it. You can download the latest version of the AMD Catalyst for free at the AMD's official website. The program supports all models of graphics cards AMD Radeon and updated regularly. If you are owner of AMD graphics card - be sure to use.

I hope this article has helped you solve problems with unstable work of your Grand Theft Auto 5. If you have something to add, then feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

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