Tank in GTA 5

Tank in GTA 5
What is the most powerful means of destruction in GTA 5? What armored vehicles Los Santos police fear the most? That's right it's a Rhino tank! And in this article we will tell you all about it!

Where to get a Rhino tank

Hope that there is any GTA 5 tank cheat? Well, that's in vain. Unlike many other games in the GTA series, in GTA 5 there isn't tank cheat. You'll have to obtain it by honest ways.

However, if you don't want to cheat, there is still several ways to get a tank in GTA 5. The easiest of these is purchasing it via the Warstock website. It'll take some money, but it's worth it, right?

More complex, but free, way is to steal a tank from the Fort Zacundo military base. But it won't be easy, since the place where the tank spawns is an area forbidden to visit, so you'll automatically get a high wanted level when get into it.

Fort Zancudo in GTA 5
The military base is enclosed on all sides by a ten meters height double fence:

The fence of the Fort Zancudo in GTA 5
It is hard to say where exactly is the tank in GTA 5, usually they patrol around the base, closer to the hangars and barracks. On this map the zones where you can often see patrol tanks are marked in red:

Map of Fort Zancudo of GTA 5
The base itself is located just East of the Great Ocean Highway, right above a long tunnel, half way between Los Santos and Paleto Bay.

Location of Fort Zancudo of GTA 5
If you try to fly up to the area on a helicopter, be prepared that they will use AA-missiles. You can play boldly and just break into the base in a fast car, then steal the nearest tank and run away as fast as you can. In GTA Online it is better to use Lester services to lose wanted stars.

This method is perhaps the easiest (after the trainer, of course) as it does not requires you practically nothing and depends only on luck and your confidence.

Appearance and characteristics

Leopard 2
The appearance and model of the Rhino tank is based on the German Leopard 2 tank. Rhino also looks very similar to the Japanese main battle tank Type-90. Rhino arms with a tank gun and a machine gun, which role is completely decorative, since it unable to shoot. But the main gun should provide enought firepower to deal with your foes. And it does. The gun shoots with some kind of rocket-propelled grenades, and with a very modest mass of the explosive. Anyway it definately not a standart tank shells. Otherwise the power of the gun would rise significantly. However, it still enough to deal with almost any enemy in GTA 5 or GTA Online.

The tower rotates very quickly, and good vertical aiming angles make it easy to fire at low-flying air targets, which, coupled with gun's high fire rate, makes Rhino a good anti-aircraft vehicle (in the right hands, of course). The tank has a powerful engine that allows the vehicle to speed up to 90km/h. For Rhine there is literally no difference between driving on a highway and off-roading somewhere deep in the countryside. The weight of the machine allows it to easily press out any tiny little car that will fall under the tracks.

Just remember that in GTA 5 tank isn't an absolute weapon and doesn't give you immortality, as it was, for example, in GTA Vice City. It's quite simple to destroy, even very simple - if you hold it down in a corner and braced on all sides, the Rhino will become an easy target. And don't forget that the explosions of cars, grenades or bombs near you also cause damage to the tank. So you shouldn't blindly shoot every approaching car since it is a sure way to send your tank to the dump, and you in the hospital. However, Rhino isn't defenceless. It still have a sufficient margin of safety, and the tank can withstand a serious onslaught for a short time.

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